On September 18 there was a solemn ceremony at the concert hall of Russia's Culture Ministry to honor the acclaimed jazz guitarist Alexei Kuznetsov on the occasion of his 60th birthday. At the beginning of the party a huge birthday cake was brought out on stage. Well-known jazzmen and ordinary jazz lovers came to congratulate Kuznetsov on his jubilee. He himself didn't leave the stage for a single moment till the end of the concert, recollecting various episodes from his life and playing solo or together with other musicians, including with the well-known jazz pianist Daniil Kramer. Alexei Kuznetsov symbolizes a whole era known as "Soviet jazz". His career began in the 1960s when jazz, banned for decades from Soviet stage, regained its foothold. "I played in two symphony orchestras but always felt a deep attraction to jazz", he recalls. "Those ideas that we, young jazzmen, were crazy about back then, are being embodied now". The beautiful and resonant sound of his guitar, his virtuoso technique, his artistry and personal charm won Kuznetsov widespread admiration among domestic and foreign jazz lovers. A living legend of Russian jazz, he has traveled half the world, performing at numerous jazz festivals. Head over heels in love with guitar, Kuznetsov is eager to share his experience with the younger generation. He runs a master class "Jazz Guitar" at Moscow's Accord musical salon.