September, 2018

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March, 2018

New sesson – A tribute to Larry Coryell og Alfonse Mouzon

From the session

September, 2017

Photo: Aliona Pazdniakova

New release

New release from Odd-Arne Jacobsen 15/9-2017 on OAJ Records

``While I Was Crossing The Bridge ``

February, 2017

Bodø Jazz Open with Jan Akkerman

It has passed over 46 years since I last played in Bodø with Jan Garbarek / Arild Andersen / Edward Vesala.
Last month I returned to Bodø and performed with Jan Akkerman at Bodø Jazz Open. (Check the article attached).

November, 2016

Desember, 2013

Vakkert land

Odd-Arne `s LP Vakkert land (HCR 22​​) from 1985 with the following musicians: Odd-Arne Jacobsen - guitars, Iselin Alme - Vocal / piano, Arild Andersen - Bass, Thor Andreassen - percussion, Håkon Graff - synth / piano, Rune Klakegg - synth, and Knut Riisnæs - soprano sax. Watercolor cover picture: Vakkert land, Gunnar Alme.

Desember, 2013

Grand Improvisation Sonata

Grand Improvisation Sonata in now out digitally. This is a composition consisting of two nylon string guitar where all music is created live in the studio there and then on the first take.

October, 2013

New recording

Odd-Arne will do a recording session with his colleague and close friend Tore Morten Andreassen Friday 01th November 2013.
Guitar duos with `` momentary power `` pure improvisation.

This publication is the second in the line of guitar improvisations. The first was with two electric guitars, session/ recording number two is with two nylon string guitars.

September, 2013

Sempre Dowland

I'ts 450 years since the composer / lutenist John Dowland's birth, I have composed a work to his honor: Song Octet (SSAATTBB) String Quintet-guitar. The work is published with the support of Norwegian Composers Compensation and Musikkhusets Forlag A/S in Oslo.

August, 2013

Sempre Dowland

Since November 1. 2012, I have worked intensively with the work "Sempre Dowland" for two sopranos - two alto- two Tenors –two basso and string quintet 1 & 2 Violin-Viola-Cello - Bass and Guitar.

The work is a tribute from me to one of Europe's most important composers - John Dowland, which in many ways set the agenda on European instrumental with his band (Concort)

Dowland was a divinely gifted lutenist at the Danish / Norwegian king Christian IV's stab. His compositions are characterized by melancholy / beauty and texts that are worthy of Shakespeare.
I have composed this in great respect of Dowland. Reconstructed (I re-arranged Shall I sue-Weep You More Fountains-Fine Knacks For Ladies and Flow Not So Fast Ye Fountains, and written two new compositions in honor of John Dowland who lived from 1563 - 1626 - (450 year anniversary this year)

The composition will be released on Musikkhusets Forlag AS in Oslo in September, where I previously published works with the guitar in focus. Musikkhuset, Odd-Arne Jacobsen
In November 2013 this project will be presented at University Of Tromsø, Faculty of Fine Arts and TIK Tromsø International Church Festival.

April, 2013

Odd-Arne Jacobsen /Tore Morten Andreassen Figenschow improvising in studio.

Enormously great to have recorded a duo album with Tore-Morten Andreassen Figenschow.

`` Dialog 3``

April, 2013

From the newspaper ``Tromsø`` and ``Nordlys``

Odd Arne is back in his hometown Tromsø and played a concert with the chamber choir Ultima Thune.
March, 2013


Odd-Arne is currently nr. 1 at the norwegian jazz charts for ReverbNation
February, 2013


Odd-Arne is now number 2 on the ReverbNation Jazz charts for NO.
January, 2013

Sempre Dowland

Sempre Dowland (Always Dowland) for songoctet 2 Sopra, 2alto, 2 ten, 2 basso and String Quintet: 2 vl. Viola-and vlc-cb and guitar finishes composed. Thanks to Komponistenes vederlagsfond for their scholarship.
October, 2012

John Dowland project

In 2013 it`s 450 years ago lutenist / composer John Dowland was born. He worked as a musician at the royal castle in Copenhagen for Christian IV. Despite the time that lies between us and his life, he is conveniently close in time and space. Many of his songs could have been written today, with themes such as life, wonder and impermanence.

Thanks to a grant from "Komponistene Vederlagsfond", I will send a greeting to my colleague with my music with some quotes and references to his music.
Im currently working on the composition `` Sempre Dowland “ (always Dowland) on the occasion of the lutenist/composer John Downland’s 450 years anniversary. The instrumentation will be a String Quintet (two violins, a viola, a cello and an upright bass) and a song octet. ( 2sopr-2 alto -2 ten . og 2 basso ) and guitar.
May, 2012


Odd-Arne Jacobsen is now on Facebook. Check out his page and get the latest music and concerts news.
November, 2011

"Odd-Arne's first band in the newspaper"

The newspaper `` In Tromsø `` describes Odd-Arne's first band, and his importance to present Tromsø jazz internationally.

Odd-Arne recently received major recognition from the Gibson Guitar Board as one of the finest exponents of Gibson Byrdland guitar Gibson Byrdland , Famous Players - Gibson Guitar Board - Page 16.

Odd-Arne says: Respect for Hank Garland and Billy Byrd for their vision of this instrument. I traveled to New York in 2008 to buy an L-5 and came home to Norway with a blonde Gibson Byrdland.
It was for me the right choice.
June, 2010

"University Of Tromsø"

Im pleased to continue doing tasks for the University Of Tromsø, Faculty of Fine Arts, Music Conservatory.
March, 2010

"Tromsø 17-19 desember 2010"
Odd-Arne vill do a recordingsession in Tromsø 17-19 Desember 2010 with the guitarist Tore Morten Andreassen and band . The session will bee about the norwegian writher Sigbjørn Obstfelders visionary lyric drawing of Obstfelder by Evard Munch.

January, 2010

"Exhibition / concert"
Odd-Arne is planning an exciting exhibition/concert with artist Torunn Ovanger from Tromsø
The similarity with watercolor and improvisation will be central in this project. Details and timing will be advised later.

Desember, 2009

"Norwegian magazin"
Odd-Arne was recently graced as a big inspiration for two of the biggest popstars in Norway: Steinar Albrigtsen and Jørn Hoel. Odd-Arne, Jørn Hoel and Steinar Albrigtsen are all musicians from Tromsø and has all been a part of the great musicscene in Tromsø.

Read the article from SE & HØR :
Page 1
Page 2

August, 2009

"NOPA 2009"
Odd-Arne contribution to new music for guitar and chamber ensemble ..

August, 2009

"International recognition"
Odd-Arne `s contribution for many years finally got international recognition among guitarplayers ..

Here in company with ``everybody``

Mai, 2009

"Musikk kultur"
Odd-Arne's composition Music For The Silence Minority for String quintett and guitar is mentioned in the culture magazine "Musikk kultur" .

March, 2009

Odd-Arne with his Gibson Byrdland
New compositions
Odd-Arne's two compositions ``For Strings Only` for guitar and stringquintet, and `` Music For The Silence Minority`` for guitar, bassoon and string quartet will be presented at this years Frankfurt Music Fair 1-4 april 2009. .
Odd-Arne is in great guitar company .

March, 2008

New compositions
Odd-Arne have composed to new and very rare compositions where guitar is a part of a stringquartet and a stringquintet. Both compositions are performed live. "Music For The Silence Minority" was performed at the Munchmuseum in Oslo and "For Strings Only" under Nordlysfestivalen in 2007. Read more about the relases here.

"Tir`d With All These" for Mixed Choir/guitar (Link #1 and Link #2) will be performed for the first time in Europe at Torshavn, Faroe Islands. The event will take place on the 03.july 2008. The composition will be performed by Odd-Arne on guitar and the faroese choir TARIRA with composer Sunleif Rasmussen as conductor. Sunleif Rasmussen is also a well known composer. In 2002 he recieved Nordic Countcil`s Music Prize for his Oceanic Days symphony. Toru Takemitsu og Karin Renquist is also a part of the program. See also Gig Guide

December, 2007

Releasing compositions
Odd-Arne will be released at MusikkHusets Forlag with two new compositions in the start of 2008.

For Strings Only for string quintet og guitar og Music For The Silence Minority for guitar-bassoon and string quartet

Exciting projects/concerts are ready for 2008. More details will come soon.

Summer  , 2007 

Faroe Islands
Odd-Arne has just returned from a concert tour on the Faroe Islands, where he teamed up with the local musician Edvard Debess and a nordic string ensemble.

  • See the pictures in Gallery9
  • See the concert program from the last gig on the tour, held in Gjogv. Odd-Arne presented his composition ´´For Strings Only´´with his nordic string ensemble, along with a blazing duo set together with Edvard Debess on upright bass.
  • See an article in the local news paper, Dimmalætting. Odd-Arne plays his 11-strings Bolin alto guitar.
  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Odd-Arnes composition "Right Now".
  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Odd-Arnes composition "For Strings Only".
  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Odd-Arnes composition "For Strings Only".
  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Edvards composition "We Fall".
  • Read more about the spesific tour dates on Gigguide.

Spring  , 2007 

Odd-Arne, who for many years has worked to bring the guitar to new musical landscapes, will now have two compositions published by Musikk-Husets Forlag A/S in Oslo:

  • ``For Strings Only`` for Guitar and stringquartet (1&2 Violin, Viola, Cello and Upright Bass). Premiered at Nordlysfestivalen 2007 by Odd-Arne and the ensemble MIN.
  • ``Music For The Silence Minority`` for String quartet, Bassoon and Guitar. Premiered at the Munch Museum in Oslo in 2004 where Odd-Arne opened an Edward Munch and Gustav Vigeland exhibition together with a stringquartet from the Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra and bassoon player Trond Olaf Larsen.

January 22 , 2007 19.00

Nordlysfestivalen / The Northern Lights Festival
Odd-Arnes largest project in Norway to date took place in Troms¯ Kulturhus "verkstedet" 22th of january 2007. Odd Arne had the great honour of opening the festival Nordlysfestivalen / The Northern Lights Festival, held in Troms¯ 22 - 28 of january, that has a 20 years anniversary. This was marked with a whole evening with focus on Odd-Arnes guitar playing and compositions.

Together with the MIN ensemble Odd-Arne performed "Music For The Silence Minority" for string quartet, bassoon and guitar.

A world premiere also took place with the performance of "For Strings Only" with stringquartet and electric guitar. Edvard Debass will play bass.

Odd-Arne and Debess also played a duo session of original material during this concert where improvisation played a central role.

Relevant press coverage:

May 11 , 2006  23.00

Radio Program Reprise
The journalist Astrid-Elise Hagen Garfors from KANAL 1 met Odd-Arne earlier this winter. The result was this radio program. It is a close meeting with Odd-Arne, who tells how he works as a musician and about being an improviser and a human being in a world that is about to turn monotonous. We hear his views on how it is to be the lonely boy in class. There are a lot of examples of recorded music which shows what a versatile artist Odd-Arne really is; Music for guitar and choire, with lyrics by William Shakespeare, and preforming with guitarsynth are but a few. KANAL 1 can be heard in Oslo and the surrounding cities, and can be found on frequency FM 100,6.

April  2006  

For Strings Only
Odd-Arne has received a grant from NOPA (norske populÊrautorer) to compose a piece for stringinstruments only. It will be called "For Strings Only", and will be written for string quintet: 1. and 2. violin, viola, cello, double-bass and guitar. The composition will give rich opportunities for improvisation. Odd-Arne has in recent years renewed the reportoire for guitar with several compositions where the the guitar is orchestrated into original settings. Read more on the Compositions page.

February 23 , 2006  23.00

Radio Program
The journalist Astrid-Elise Hagen Garfors from KANAL 1 met Odd-Arne earlier this winter. The result was this radio program. It is a close meeting with Odd-Arne, who tells how he works as a musician and about being an improviser and a human being in a world that is about to turn monotonous. We hear his views on how it is to be the lonely boy in class. There are a lot of examples of recorded music which shows what a versatile artist Odd-Arne really is; Music for guitar and choire, with lyrics by William Shakespeare, and preforming with guitarsynth are but a few. KANAL 1 can be heard in Oslo and the surrounding cities, and can be found on frequency FM 100,6.

Autumn  , 2005 

The Art Of Duo Playing
The autumn of 2005 has been one of Odd-Arnes busyest in many years. It has been in the sign of "the art of duo playing". First on the Faroe Islands with bass player Edvard Nyholm Debess 14.-18. sep., then with guitarplayer Alexei Kuznetsov on the Jazz festival in Moscow 18.-22. oct. and recently with Fred Glesnes in Troms county in the north of Norway 28.nov-4.dec.

Here are two pictures and an article :

28.Nov. - 4.Dec. , 2005 

Musikk I Troms
In week 48, from the 28. of november until the 4. of december, Odd-Arne will tour the north of Norway together with saxophone player Fred Glesnes.

The tour is arranged by Musikk I Troms.

October 21, 2005

TV Session in Moscow

Odd-Arne and Alexei Kuznetsov were presented on russian televisions culture channel "Culture TV Channel" with flashing guitar lines in Cosmas "Autumn Leaves", played backstage during the rehersal before the concert they held at the Third Russian Norwegian JazzFestival.

August 12, 2005

Radio Play

Odd-Arne was presented as jazz-guitarist in the radio program Rundt Midnatt (eng. Around Midnight) on NRK P1, which is the main radio channel in Norway. A recording of Stardust was played. This is one of the melodies Odd-Arne has played for years. Odd-Arne was in good company among Stan Getz, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane and others. The program was also aired 16. August.

June 21, 2005

Radio Show

This is one of the first sound recordings of Odd-Arne in an entertainment show in his home town, Troms¯, in 1966 preforming Valdir de Azevedo's Amorada. Played on Fender Jaguar, with Kjell Svendsen on bass, Harald Hemmingsen (OAJ's uncle) on accordion and Tore R¯nne on percussion.
The second sample is with OAJ's band from 1972, where OAJ played his Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Guitar, and Latino from 2003 where OAJ played his Bolin classical guitar.

This radio show was made for NRK (Norwegian radio) and aired in the northern parts of Norway tuesday 21. of june 2005 at 8.45am. Interviewer and show host is NRK's culturejournalist Erling Steenstrup.

April, 2005


More exciting projects awaits Odd-Arne in Norway and abroad, for instance in Moscow. No one must hesitate, be it guitarists or concert arrangers, to contact Odd-Arne for events, like festivals, concerts and lectures. The photo in this link shows Odd-Arne after his lecture for music students at Ferris University in Japan. To the left of Odd-Arne is pianist, professor and composer Haruna Miyake. The picture to the left on this page shows Odd-Arne together with the chinese female quartet Lin-Yue-Ran-Ran, taken 25. of september 2004 in Oslo Concert Hall.

February, 2005

For Four

'For Four' for four guitars, bass and percussion has now been completed. The composition consists of a tango, a ballad and an up tempo bebop tune with the title 'Four You'. Front Score Score. I hope that guitarquartets or any guitar playing musician gets in touch with me on my e-mail adr. that you will find on booking, then I can provide the score. Compositions where guitar is orchestrated with other instruments are sadly rare even in the rest of the world.
The last year I have written the following where guitarists can play with for instance string quartet and bassoon, Wood-Wind quintet, mixed choire and several guitars:

  • Tir'd With All These for mixed choire and guitar
  • Corner, Latest News 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Music For The Silence Minority for guitar, string quartet and bassoon
  • Corner
  • Wood-Wind And Strings for wood-wind quintet and guitar
  • Corner
  • For Four for four guitars, bass and percussion Corner 1, 2, 3

  • January, 2005

    West Side Story

    In this video clip a marvellous team receives applause after performing West Side Story, where this years students displayed their talents on stage at Holtekilen College Of Further Education 26-29 of january 2005. Odd-Arnes ES 175 can here be heard for some bars in Tonight. In white in front, Tony & Maria.

    August 24, 2004

    Information on the Internet

    Information about Odd-Arne can also be found at Sheer Pluck and Guitarcomposers. Odd Arne finds it encouraging that foreign websites acknowledges that a lot of exciting music including guitar is composed, also in Norway.

    August 14, 2004

    Information on the Internet

    Information about Odd-Arne can also be found at Here you will find detailed information in norwegian and links.

    March 24, 2004

    Appearance on norwegian radio

    Wednesday 24. March Odd-Arne will appear in NRK P2 Kulturkanalen's music radioprogram "WASABI" somewhere between 11.03 and 12.00. He will perform the composition "Magdalenas Snakes" from his own CD "Autumn Rain In May" (OAJR 3-2) from 1991. Odd-Arne will play guitar synth, and along with him, Zeng Hong Hong on chinese harp, Unni Damslora on percussion and Gjermund Silseth on el. bass.

    March 13, 2004

    Appearance on norwegian television

    Saturday 13. March 20.00 Odd-Arne appeared as guest in TV2's entertainment show "Mine Damer Og Herrer". Odd-Arne was a guest in the show together with the two norwegian pop-stars Steinar Albrigtsen and J¯rn Hoel. Both J¯rn and Steinar are Troms¯-boys like Odd-Arne, and both have had Odd-Arne as their guitar teacher in Troms¯. The program was a replay from 16. April 2002. (See further down).

    March 10, 2004

    Interview with Xinmin evening news

    Today, Odd-Arne will be interviewed in Oslo by a journalist from Xinmin evening news, Shanghai. The journalist from China will write a portrait of Odd-Arne. We will be back later with the article. This interest in Odd-Arnes music is in sharp contrast to the lack of interest from norwegian media.

    December 19, 2003

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2004

    I want to thank everyone who has shown an interest for my music in the year 2003. I am looking forward to wander further with my contribution to music, and my thoughts goes to a beautiful song called I wonder as I wander, which is an Appalachian Carol.

    September 16, 2003

    New media coverage

    An article in the largest newspaper in the north of Norway, Nordlys, on the upcoming Munch/Vigeland concert next year.

    September 7, 2003

    New media coverage

    Check out these two new pieces of news:

    June 18, 2003

    Munch & Vigeland concert

    Odd-Arne is to contribute musically at this very special exhibition!

    April 6, 2003

    Odd-Arne Receives Bursary

    After a tough winter with the burglary and a couple of unsuccessful projects, good news like this is especially welcome: Odd-Arne recently won a bursary from the Composers Foundation in Norway in order to compose a piece of music for woodwind quintett and guitar! The composistion is due finished December 1st this year and will have a duration of about 25 minutes. This is exciting stuff! Stay tuned for more information on this project.

    Right now, Odd-Arnes latest compositions seem to be taking the form of a triology, consisting of:

    1. Tired With All These for mixed choir and guitar. Check out sheet music, the CD and sound samples.
    2. Music For The Silent Minority for bassoon-string quartet and guitar. Sheet music and some more info.
    3. Music for wind, wood and strings for woodwind quintett and guitar.

    If your interested, don't hesitate to contact Odd-Arne. An experiment like this is a rare occasion indeed!

    March 1, 2003

    Burglary at Odd-Arnes home

    Odd-Arne has suddenly experienced what all musicians dread; to be robbed of instruments that one holds dearly. The burglars gained entrance to the cellar's storage room by forcing their way through two metal doors. Among the stolen items were his first guitar. This was a beautiful jazzguitar and a present from his mother and father in Troms¯ 1962. It is a brown Hofner with a golden G-clef engraved at the head.

    Also stolen was a Norwegian-built TELRAD guitar amp, also from the early sixties. It is red with a grey front and adorned with golden braids.

    All the stolen items were insured, and can most likely be replaced. But the mentioned Hofner guitar is impossible to find a substitute for, due to it's great sentimental value. Odd-Arne is now recovering from the experience by contemplation. And installing an alarm system.

    Below is the full list over all missing items. If you have any information that could lead to the recovery of any of these items, please contact Odd-Arne as soon as possible.

    • A TELRAD (red and grey) Norwegian made guitar amplifier from around 1962
    • A brown Hofner jazz guitar
    • An orange Rayhorn banjo (gitarbanjo)
    • A Roland GR 700 gitarsynth
    • A Roland Jazzchorus 77 guitar amp
    • A black flight case for a Supertwin Reverb Black Face
    • A Roland GR 1 guitarsynth (with expanded memory)
    • A guitar rack containing these modules: Boss Stereo Noise Supressor NS 50, Intellifex guitar processor, Boss ROD 10 fuzz & overdrive, Boss RSD 10, Boss RPW 10, two Roland Volume pedals EV-5, and six SS5l pedals

    Two Norwegian press clippings briefly recounting the incident.

    December 27, 2002

    New record from Mid-Nite Sessions features Odd-Arne.

    Dutch-Norwegian label Mid-Nite Sessions will release a record featuring Odd-Arne on his Bolin Classical guitar. The release is scheduled mid 2003, Odd-Arne plays on the track Latino. You can hear part of the track here.

    This composition, written by Martin Fixdal and Odd-Arne Jacobsen, will make Odd-Arne's guitar available to the audience of clubs all over Europe.

    2003 will be an exciting musical year for Odd-Arne. We'll be presenting some interesting new projects on this page in January.

    Odd-Arne would like to thank his readers and listeners and wish you all a happy new year.

    November 21, 2002 Odd-Arne moves to a new appartment.
    The new names and numbers for Odd-Arne Jacobsen and OAJ Records are:

    Ivan Bjørndals gate 14
    N-0472 Oslo

    Tlf: +47 2222-7877
    Fax: +47 2222-0631

    October 29, 2002

    Autumn Songs finished.

    The Autumn Songs project finished well, and we've received some good action photographies. See them all on Gallery 3 (bottom).

    September 1, 2002 Music for The Silent Minority!
    Odd-Arne has finished writing the piece for fagotto, string quartet and guitar, and he's named it Music for The Silent Minority. Interested parties may email Odd-Arne directly at

    July 11, 2002
    We've released OAJ's Corner. In his corner, Odd-Arne gives some of his personal views and opinions.

    July 10, 2002

    Odd-Arne speaks of his guitars.
    While summer holiday continues, Odd-Arne's written about his guitars on the guitar page, normally accessed through Gallery 1. New photos of both his classical guitars, the alto guitar and the Gibson ES175.

    Take a look!

    May 26, 2002

    Autumn Songs Project.
    Haruna Miyake will be visiting Norway for the first time this autumn. The trio of Zheng Hong-Hong, Odd-Arne Jacobsen and Haruna has formed the Autumn Songs project, giving concerts in Norway this fall.

    Check Gig Guide for details.

    April 16, 2002 TV show guest appearance.
    Saturday April 20th at 21:35, Norwegian TV2's show Ladies and Gentlemen (Mine damer og herrer), features Norwegian pop artists Steinar Albrigtsen and Jørn Hoel. The two artists have asked Odd-Arne Jacobsen to participate as a guest of the show, as they were all guitarists of several different pop bands in Tromsø during the early seventies. Odd-Arne's appearance will probably be verbal rather than musical, but being asked to join is a compliment well recieved with him.

    April 15, 2002

    Swedish-Norwegian Collaboration Fund sponsorship.
    Odd-Arne has been given a week-long stay at the Hasselby Castle of Stockholm, Sweden, from April 19 to April 26. In these surroundings, he'll commence writing his new piece for fagotto, guitar and string quartet.

    Odd-Arne says he's packing his Gibson ES175 as well. The alert may find him jamming at Stockholm jazz clubs at night!

    April 5 , 2002

    Fagotto piece commisioned.
    Sigyn Birkeland, the principal fagotto player of the Norwegian Radio Orchestre has asked Odd-Arne to compose a piece for fagotto, guitar and string quartet.

    Odd-Arne's reputation as a composer is on the rise!

    April 3, 2002

    Presentation on Frankfurt music exhibition.
    On a recent music exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, Musikkhuset A/S presented Odd-Arne Jacobsen's Tir'd with All These for Mixed Choir and Guitar. This piece, with its unusual instrumentation, has attracted attention from many parts of the world.

    In Frankfurt, publishers from several countries, among them Germany, England and Sweden, expressed their interesse.

    On our Sound Samples page, you can listen to a couple of clips from the Coro Kallos 20th Anniversary Concert, where the composition was performed for the first time.

    March 6, 2002
    Radio Interview on NRK P2 today.
    In connection with the publishing of Tir'd with All These, Norwegian National Broadcasting, inteviews Odd-Arne and sends extracts from the Coro Kallos concert.
    See Gig Guide for details.

    March 5, 2002
    MP3 clip from the Yokohama Jazzpromenade.
    Part of Yolande (OAJ - Reijseger - SABU), recorded at the Yokohama Jazzpromenad October 6, 2001 is available on Sound Samples.
    The musicians are:
      Odd-Arne Jacobsen - Gibson ES 175
      Ernst Reijseger - Cello
      SABU - Percussion

    February 27, 2002

    Musikk-Husets Forlag publishes Tir'd with All These!

    The score of Odd-Arne's composition Tir'd with All These will be published in parallell with the Coro Kallos Anniversary CD on March 1, 2002.

    Musikk-Husets Forlag kindly permits us to bring you the cover, first and last page. Also, you may view the CD cover and inlay, or listen to a couple of passages from the CD.

    Odd-Arne hopes the availability of his composition will inspire guitarists and mixed choires to work together.

    If you're interested in ordering the score of Tir'd with All these, please contact
      Musikk-Huset A/S
      P.O.Box 822 Sentrum
      0104 Oslo

      Tel: +47 228 25 900
      Fax: +47 224 25 541

    February 4, 2002
    Norwegian National Broadcasting (NRK) P2's Radio Show Jungletelegrafen sends passages from two concerts:
    • The Yokohama concert with Reijseger and Sabu, October 6, 2001
    • The Coro Kallos Anniversary Concert, October 12, 2001
    The shows will be sent Saturday February 9th at 2:03pm and Wednesday February 13th, at 11:03am.

    January 29, 2002 Choro Kallos CD released in Japan.
    We announced the forthcoming release December 19, and it's out right now. The CD features Odd-Arne's piece Tir'd with All Thise alongside compositions by Palestrina and Arvo Part.

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