About Tokyo Project - 99

Odd-Arne Jacobsen's Tokyo Project - 99 was an artistic triumph for Odd-Arne. Together with the pianist Haruna Miyake he both made recordings and gave several concerts including those at Sekimunin Hall (recording) and the jazz club Pitinn in Tokyo, as well as a concert in the town of Shiguoka. Also taking part in Odd-Arne's Tokyo Project - 99, were percussionists Yosiachi and Yoshihisha Ochi, bass player Hinoshi Yoshino, bamboo player Doi Keisuke, and the skillfull Koto player Ten Jinci.

There will be a portrait interview of Odd-Arne in (the February number) the well-known Japanese guitar magazine The Modern Guitarist. The article will be presented in the February issue 2000, a great honour for a Norwegian guitarist. Odd-Arne says that several of the concert recordings will be released on a new CD in 2000 and because of the extensive interest shown in Japan, plans are already made for a new Tokyo project 1 -14 Nov. 2000.

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