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On this page Odd-Arne Jacobsen presents some interesting images and stories in connection with his music. By clicking on the small image, you will see the full-sized picture, and perhaps get a story in the bargain.

Odd-Arne's ES 175, and his view of guitars Odd-Arne during sound check at the Tokyo Art Theatre Hall August 9th 1995. At this concert, devoted to the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, he played alongside some of the best soloists in Japan.
From Odd-Arne's solo performance in Hiroshima August 8 1995. This Memorial Performance marked the 50th anniversary of the first atomic bombing. Poster from OAJ's solo consert in Helsinki, Finland, November 1989.
Autumn Rain in May CD cover OAJ band played Shanghai February 1998. A picture of the happy musicians and the program.
OAJ Band Far North CD cover (photo: Anne Lise Flavik) Odd-Arne and Rune Gustavsson playing their tribute concert to Robert Normann in Sarpsborg, Norway, September 2000.
Odd-Arne with young Chinese fans backstage, after the concert at Shenzhen Grand Theater October 24. Zheng Hong-Hong and Odd-Arne eating dinner with Tina Miao, the Assistant General Manager Project Co-ordinator for the tour of China.
Oct 25-2000 Waiting at the Airport of Shenzen, having some coffee. Zheng Hong-Hong warming up at the hotel before the Shanghai concert 2000.
Odd-Arne at the Shanghai Guitar Art Assosiation, October 20, 2000.

Odd-Arne standing in front of the Vasilij Cathedral, one of the worlds architectonic wonders, situated on Moscow's Red Square. Odd-Arne and his OAJ Band toured Russia twice a year in the period 1988-1993. The TV-show "The Secrets of the Winter Jazz" was broadcast in Russia and Ukraina, the viewer potential being almost 60 million people.

Odd-Arne is one of a very limited few improvisation musicians who has been invited to play a solo performance of his own material in the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York. Here's the programs for the night: 1 and 2 Odd-Arne has worked a lot in context of the theater, both as composer and performing artist. Here together with Wenche Elena Medbøe in En drøm for ramme alvor (translates approximately to A Dream for Real).
A TV-studio session with Odd-Arne Jacobsen and the Chamber Orchestra. In Mexico City: Odd-Arne, the string quartett, the mezzosoprano, the upright bass player, and the percussionist join forces.
Odd-Arne and his Bolin 11 String Alto Guitar Always on the move: The OAJ Band.
A small presentation of Per Brevik, and his letter of gratulation after Odd-Arne's Carnegie Hall performance. The director of the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi giving Odd-Arne a token of appreciation, after the concert April 18, 1995.
OAJ Band being introduced at the Moscow University, February 22, 1993. Bowing while receiving applause. Shanghai Concert Hall, February 21, 1998.
Odd-Arne and Haruna outside Shizuoka Aoshima Hall November 9, 1999, moments after their duo concert. Check out Blues for a Timeless Soul (OAJ - H.Miyake), performed live at the famous Pit Inn in Tokyo. (mp3 file) The time schedule for M/S Richard With (Coast Tour 2001). Quite a coastline!
Scenic Iceland: What a wiew! Part of Odd-Arne's composition for Coro Kallos. Have a look at the text by William Shakespeare as well.
Two nice guys leaving Iceland after their concert at the opening of Reykjavik Jazz Festival, August 2000.

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