Gallery 11

I've had a wonderful time in Tromsø- the city where I was born. Meeting capable, young musicians is giving me a lot. It was a was a delightful experience
to see the concert with "Music For The Silence Minority" and "For Strings Only" in Tromsø Kulturhus 20. september. For once, another person was
playing guitar on my compositions. The following musicians were playing:

Violin: Mats Roar Sakshaug and Ruth Karlsen
Viola: Ekaterina Moskina
Cello: Sanna Andersson
Bassoon: Anne Schjønsby
Guitar: Thomas Larsen
Bass: Håkon Pettersen

In the second half of the concert I was playing a guitar duo along with Tore Morten Andreassen. It was a great experience to play with such a clever
guitarist "who happens to be a musician". So we started to play and the music was just pouring out. xxxxxxx "The city big enough for us both. We
could both ride into the sunset. " Playing guitar duo is something I appreciate a lot. Rune Gustavsson and me did mostly play jazz standards. Along
with Tore Morten we’d played music from the original music material from “Apache” (Jerry Lordan) and “When I am Laid in Earth” (Henry Purcell).
Interview with Odd-Arne and his nephew, Tore Morten Andreassen, in the newspaper "Tromsø". Advertisement for the concert in "Tromsø Kulturhus", 20.september 2008.
Terje Vegar
Kristian The students that performed "For Strings Only".
Tore Morten Andreassen – a brilliant musician and generous man.
Jardar Students from the University In Tromsø and Odd-Arne during a session with Van Heusen`s ``Her`s That Rainy day``
Odd-Arne with his Gibson Byrdland introduce Sunniva on vocal and Sverre on guitar. (Odd-Arne `s Bolingitar) Odd-Arne and Mari performs Antonio Carlos Joabims ``Once I loved``

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