Gallery 12

Odd-Arne Jacobsen's Quartet playd mostly jazzstandars. The band performed on different venues and restaurants and also participated on ceveral Nrk broadcasts. The pictures is taken at the reharselroom that actually was a stable. A nice start of the career.
Odd-Arne Jacobsen first own band.
In front: Bjørn Adrian Andreassen el. Bass (Odd- Arnes cousin) Odd-Arne with his Fender Jaguar.
Behind from the left: Oddmar Amundsen guitar og Roger Høyli drums.
Odd-Arnes first press article in Tromsø 1965.
Odd-Arne with his friend the artist Yolande Bavan at her nice flat in NYC nov.08.
She vas a friend of Billie Holliday and has performed with all the great jazz artist Se pictures in second row nr.two from right.
Odd-Arne outside Irving Berlins house in NYc Nov 08.
Odd-Arne in the studio in Torshavn. Faroe Island with the Grand Old Gentleman in Faroe`s jazz Mr. Brandur Øssursson. Odd-Arne with his Gibson Byrdland in studio with Edvard Debess playing ``live on air`` Joseph Cosma``s Autumn Leaves .
``Live-reading notes`` What a beauthiful language

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