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<----------- What Two professors says about Odd-Arne ------------->

A note to Odd-Arne from Haruna Miyake
Thanks from Per Brevig in New-York.
The improvised music collective - An evening of imprvised music. Odd-Arne and his band in the 90` OAJ BAND. Mentioned in a Chinese magazine that writes mostly about Opera.
Great recognition of a Norwegian guitarist and his music."

Singing the song for us
A note to Odd-Arne from Yolande Bavan. Odd-Arne studied bouth guitar / composition with Bjørn Fongaard. I can`t explain how much I learned of Bjørn. He was really ahead of his time.
D.T.W presents Yolande Bavan - Sound Current. Special Guest Guitarist Odd-Arne Jacobsen.
Read more about Yolande Bavan
Odd-Arne and Rune Gustavson played on one of Norways most popular TVtalk-shows.
Article in Chineese newspaper.
Odd-Arne has toured with the world famous jazz guitarist Rune Gustavsson. Odd-Arne outside the concerthaal in Shenzhen in south China.
He played there on October 25. 2000, with the chinese musician Zheng-Hong-Hong.
Sessions from NRK (Norwegian Radio) in the period 1970-1971 . Read more and listen to the music her. Odd-Arne Jacobsen playing at University Of Tromsø faculty Of Fine Arts Music Conservatory.

Read about "Music for the silence Minority" in Nordlyspluss
Odd-Arne with his 11-strings alto guitar under a concert on Faroe island. Good words from jazz harpist Carol Robbins from Los Angeles to Odd-Arne Read the mail here
Article in newspaper about Odd-arne Jacobsen kvartett.

Odd-Arne recently received major recognition from the Gibson Guitar Board as one of the finest exponents of Gibson Byrdland guitar Gibson Byrdland, Famous Players - Gibson Guitar Board - Page 16.

Odd-Arne says: Respect for Hank Garland and Billy Byrd for their vision of this instrument. I traveled to New York in 2008 to buy an L-5 and came home to Norway with a blonde Gibson Byrdland.
It was for me the right choice.

Photo : Alexandr Zabrin
Preparing before entering the stage at Moscow Jazz Festeival . My friend Alexey Kolosov is watching!!!

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