Gallery 2

Odd-Arne Jacobsen with his friend singer/artist Yolande Bavan at her flat in New York City April 1, 2001. Rune Gustavsson and Odd-Arne Jacobsen still being friends and smiling after touring the Norwegian coast for two weeks.
People admiring MS Richard With at quay. At sea, Rune Gustavsson and Odd-Arne Jocobsen gave several concerts. View of one of the beatiful Norwegian fjords, taken from MS Richard With.
Pointing to the program for march 8, 1998, for the Musee Moderne in Paris. In the middle of the concert at Musee Moderne. Notice the reflection of the spectators in the window.
Atmosphere at the Musee Moderne, March 8, 1998.
The Coro Kallos 20th Anniversary Program, including a presentation of Odd-Arne's composition Tir'd With All These
The Jazz Promenade program!
Front page of Coro Kallos leaflet featuring Odd-Arne's Gibson hovering in the sky, and the inside of said leaflet.
A fax of gratitude from Haruna Miyake. Odd-Arne and Coro Kallos during their very first rehearsal.
The final test before the concert, at Kioi Hall. Time for silence in the park, preparing for the concerts.
Haruna Miyake and her students at Ferris University: Guest lecturer Odd-Arne Jacobsen. Yokohama Jazzpromenade. From left to right: Odd-Arne, Sabu, Haruna, and Ernst Reijseger.
Sound check at the Pit Inn, October 7th. A quartett at the Pit Inn: Odd-Arne Jacobsen (Guitar), Haruna Miyake (Piano), Hiroshi Yoshino (Bass), and Jashuhiro Yoshigaki (Percussion).
This card, which Coro Kallos gave Odd-Arne after the 20th Anniversary Concert, touched his heart.

Mineo Kusumoto
The band relaxing with fans after the Place Evan concert, October 14, 2001.
Mineo Kusumoto
Choro Kallos applauding Odd-Arne after finishing the first rehearsal of Tir'd with All These.
Back in 1997, the Weekly Economist, one of Japan's biggest magazines, printed this rewiew of Odd-Arne and Haruna's consert at the Pit Inn November 1996. One of Japanese music's main profiles, Haruna Miyake, has worked with Odd-Arne for several years. She'll be coming to Norway for the first time this autumn. This is a short presentation of her and her work, typically sent concert organizers.
Translations of some passes from the Weekly Economist article, hand written by Japanese music critic Mitsuo Aki. A Chinese art magazine presents Zheng Hong-Hong as one of China's leading harp (zheng) players of this time, living in Norway and touring Europe with the OAJ Band.

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