Gallery 3

Tromsø, Odd-Arne's hometown, celebrated its 200th birthday back in 1994. The mayor invited prominent artists for lunch, amongst them Odd-Arne Jacobsen. Invitation to Odd-Arne's concert at the Abu Dabi Cultural Foundation, April 18, 1995.
Action photo of Zheng Hong-Hong and Odd-Arne during a concert at an art gallery in Joensuu, Finland, 1989. The Ochi Brothers battering their drums with style.
OAJ playing the Blues at a concert in Moscow 1993. Odd-Arne's faithful companion, his Gibson ES175. He's often referring to her as his beauty.
OAJ Band during a concert in Oslo 1995. Jamming with friends in Moscow, 1993.
Odd-Arne and his Fender Jaguar, which he still regrets selling (it's the only guitar he's ever sold). This picture was taken during a concert in Bodens Stadsbibliotek (Boden City Library) in northern Sweden, back in '71 or '72. Poster for the Autumn Songs concert at the Edvard Munch museum, Septemeber 29, 2002. We've also got a full scale PDF poster, for those who'd like better quality (requires a pdf reader like Acrobat Reader or Ghostscript and GSview).
Guitarist Odd-Arne Jacobsen, flute player Steinar Ofsdal, and Chinese harp player Zheng Hong-Hong, together with The Ensemble of Traditional Music of the Chinese Film Philharmonic, at a dinner to the ensemble's praise in Oslo, 2002. In NRK's studio to contribute to Pakistan's national day, August 14, 1979. Suni Dereti (Beautifil Land).
An article regarding OAJ's past as a guitarist for Howards, a rather poor Norwegian pop band. A 15 year old Odd-Arne and his uncle Edenhardt on accordion, playing at a party back in 1959. Odd-Arne's using his first elctric guitar, a Höfner.
The happy dance band Hemmingsens Trio: Harald Hemmingsen (OAJ's other uncle) on accordeon, Kjell Svendsen on bass, and a 17 year old Odd-Arne Jacobsen on guitar. Debut concert by the mezzo soprano Tove-Alice Rossow in Uraninborg Church, featuring Odd-Arne on guitar.
Concert poster for another one of Odd-Arne's solo performances, this time at Staubø Kultursenter. Odd-Arne working with young students at Viken College Of Further Education (Summer workshop 2002, August 6-12). From left to right: Tom Andreas (percussion), OAJ (guitar), Jan Kristian (bass). And in front by the piano: Silje.

Autumn Songs 2002
All photos by Reki Shibata

Top Row: Photos from the Autumn Songs concert at
the Munch Museum in Oslo, September 29, 2002.
 * Zheng Hong-Hong on Chinese harp,
 * Odd-Arne Jacobsen on guitar, and
 * Haruna Miyake behind the piano.

Right row: Great footage from the third
and final concert in the Autumn Songs
project, at Jazzkjelleren in Trondheim,
this time with Steinar Raknes on bass.

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