Gallery 5

Odd-Arne Live in Moscow on synth guitar, February 1993. Foto by Alexander Zabrin. Hanging out with his wife Kari and interpreter Yoko Abo Fujimori after the performance with Coro kallos. Downtown Tokyo 12. October 2001.
Odd-Arne with some good Japanese friends. Picture taken after the Place Evan Concerts, 14. October 2001. Few norwegian musicians have worked more with asian musicians than Odd-Arne. Over many years he has participated at festivals like Yokohama (Yolande.mp3). Big concert arenas performing his own compositions for choir and guitar, with one of Japans leading choires. Sound samples, CD, Autumn Songs poster Web coverage 1, Web coverage 2  
Odd-Arne during his solo recital ar Romerike College Of Further Education Jan 9. 2004 playing 'Danny Boy' on his Gibson ES 175. "I play Danny Boy every day, but have not yet found the right harmonisation"

Everybody working with music knows that the most voulnerable and unpredictable moment is that microsecond right before the first tones appear. In this video clip these seconds are eternalized at Odd Arne's concert at Romerike College, where Odd Arne with students are about to perform Duke Ellingtons "C - Jam Blues". From the left: Odd-Arne: guitar, Jan Erik: guitar, Tormod: Drums, Espen: tenorsax, Johan: guitar, Øyvind: el. bass. This is in many ways the moment of truth. Now it is up to the musicians to conquer the room and capture the moment.  
Odd-Arne received extensive media coverage in Shanghai, under his tour "China Project-98". The picture captures Odd-Arne enthusing chinese ladies (surely gentlemen too) with an elegant guitarline on his Gibson ES 175. The article together with a session on "local" TV reaching out to over 10 million chinese was on the agenda when OAJ Band made their China tour, and a consert for chinese music students at the music conservatory in Shanghai. Odd-Arne grew up near the ocean in Tromsø. One of his childhood friends, Synvis Glinn Nordin, became a painter. When Synvis held an exibition in 'Kulturhuset i Tromsø' in 1996, Odd Arne opened the exibition by holding a solo concert. The honorarium was this beautiful picture of the street where they both grew up, their childhood street 'strandvegen'  
Listen to a coupple of bars from, and see Odd-Arne perform Irvin Berlin's "Always" at the solo concert Saturday 24. April in Lommedalshallen outside Oslo. Odd-Arne plays on his Gibson blonde ES175 using his two Gibson GA15RV guitar amplifiers. No digital or analog effects used this time. One guitar and one musician, along with some reverb from the guitar amplifiers. OAJ band in a TV studio in Moscow 1995 under the taping of Odd-Arnes russian TV portrait ``The Secret Of The Winter Night`` seen by over 50 million people.  

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