Gallery 6

Odd-Arnes greatest musical challenge is completed with success. Here is press clipping, invitation text, invitation front, invitation back, pictures of the event 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and a film from the event. Odd-Arne together with two of his students. Lora to the left and Vibeke to the right. Both singers. Odd-Arne thinks that working with students in ensembles, like these, is enormously instructive and inspiring, both in studio and in concert, like here after "Time after time"  
Odd-Arne and Zheng Hong-Hong held a duo performance on zheng and guitar that aroused enthusiasm in Oslo Concert Hall. Odd-Arne considers playing with Zheng and guitar to be like meeting and conversing with ones own mother. To hear and see fingers bend and play against strings has a deep history in China; Older than our european era. All the artists on stage at the end of the show. A manifestation of the timeless power of music, regardless of origin. The audience gave a standing ovation. 1 - 0 for music over the shallowness and superficiality that characterizes the music business of today.  
Here we see Odd-Arne with his Bolin guitar backstage in Oslo Concerthall together with the chinese female quartet Lin-Yue-Ran-Ran. All the artists played acoustic instruments in this concert. (Photo:Lin Jian Gang) Odd-Arne in the middle and Zheng Hong Hong (to the left) with chinese friends right after their duo concert in Oslo Concerthall 25.Sep 2004.  
Odd-Arne and Zheng Hong Hong performing in Oslo Concerthall saturday 25. September on acoustic guitar and Zheng. Odd-Arne manages a smile, ready for the concert in Oslo Domkirke 6. of february 2005.  
Odd-Arne with two fine female (fans?) representatives for the norwegian natives, the laps, right after the concert in Oslo Domkirke 6. of february. The picture is taken outside Samenes Hus in central Oslo. Odd-Arne, Tore and Havard discoursing the score before the premiere on West Side Story.  
Odd-Arne playing concert with his two Bolin guitars. His 6 strings with ''cutaway'' and his 11 strings alto guitar, also with ''cutaway''. These two guitars were custom made for Odd-Arne by one of the leading guitar builders in the world, the late master Georg Bolin in Stockholm, Sverige. Odd-Arne playing for young students.  

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