Gallery 9

Thinking of the concert? Session at Torshavn music school. A nordic ensemle. From left to right: Odd-Arne Jacobsen on guitar (Norway),  Edvard Nyholm Debess on bass (Faroe Island), Gunnhildur Halla Gudmundsdottir on cello (Iceland), Erika Søderstrøm viola (Sweden), Jona Jacobsen  on 2.violin (Faroe Island) and Angelika Nielsen on 1.violin (Faroe Island).   
Odd Arne loading off Fender Twins and guitars before sound check. Odd-Arne and his wife kari: Nature has used a long time designing the Faroe Islands grand scenery.  
The art of duo-playing. Edvard and Odd-Arne on historic viking ground, by the sevenhundred years old church ruins of Magnuskatedralen near Kyrkjubøur.  

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