Gig Guide

February 2 - 2017

Location: Stormen Konserthus / Bodø

First artist releases is ready! Guitar legend Jan Akkerman, formerly known from the progressive rock band Focus, playing for the first time in Bodø on next year's festival!
In collaboration with the Norwegian super guitarist Odd-Arne Jacobsen, it is set for a magical meeting between two eminent guitarists at February 2. 2017 in Stormen Konserthus.

Read more about it here: Bodø Jazz Open

September 8. - 2016

Location: Amsterdam

I'm looking forward to perform with Jan Akkerman & Wiek Hijmans at Het Bimhuis on the 08th of September 2016 in Amsterdam.

---Photo of Odd-Arne by: Aliona Pazdniakova---

June 15. - 2015

Location: Tromsø .

I performed a concert in Sparebankens Festsal in Tromsø on June 10th. A concert in Mandela's spirit. Here's everyone gathered after the concert .In the picture is also South African Ambassador Queen Anne Zondo and Tromsø's Mayor Jens Johan Hjort.

September 26. - 2014
Time: 19.05
Location: `` Rogers`` Tromsø .

Odd-Arne Jacobsens quartet will perform at Tromsøfest 26/9-14.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen`s band in 1969 Nimbus opus 1(OAJ) Odd-Arne was 22 years old when he wrote this and recorded it with his former band.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen`s Kvartett:

Odd-Arne Jacobsen –guitar
Tore –Morten Andreassen Figenschow –guitar
Bjørn Adrian Andreassen – bass
Knut Halvard Johannessen –drums .

March 27. - 2014
Time: 21.00
Location: Bastard, Tromsø.

Duo Holistique & Kvadrant 4 feat. Odd-Arne Jacobsen LIVE på Bastard.

November 3. - 2013
Time: 19.30
Location: Tromsø Cathedral

World premiere in Tromsø Cathedral ''Sempre Dowland'' with Odd-Arne Jacobsen and students from Faculty Of Fine Arts / Music Conservatory.

Odd-Arne will rehearse with 8 singers and 8 guitarists at ''Faculty Of Fine Arts Music Conservatory-Univerity Of Tromsø'' from Tuesday 29th October to Saturday 02th November in regarding his apperance at Tromsø International Church Festival.

Odd-Arne's last major composition Sempre Dowland will have its world premiere at the festival. The work was recently published by Musikkhusets forlag A/S.

Tir`d Of All These for mixed choir/guitar text William Shakespeare sonett nr.66 got it`s european premier in Elverhøy kirke . The composition has earlier been performed at Kioi Hall in Tokyo with OAJ and the japanese choir Coro Kallos .

February 20th. - 2013
Time: 20.00
Location: Cafeteatret

Wednesday: March 20th.-2013
Time: 19.00 PM
Location: Elverhøy Kirke- Bardu veien –Tromsø.

March 20, 2013 Odd-Arne will participate in a concert in Tromsø `` Tir` d With All These `` for mixed choir / guitar (text William Shakespeare's Sonnet 66) will be performed with the choir Ultima Thule. Odd-Arne will also play sologuitar.

`` This is the very first Europen performance of Odd-Arne `s Composition ``Tir`d With All These for MIxed Choir /Guitar:

Thursday June 7th 2012
Time: 7.00 pm
Location: Sparebankens Festsal ,Storgata 65., Tromsø

On Thursday June 7th Odd-Arne's composition `` Tir`d With All These`` will have its European premiere.
The composition includes text by William Shakespeare and is written for mixed choir / guitar.
The composition are performed by the choir Tromsø Ultima Thule and Odd-Arne on guitar.
`` Tir`d With All These`` has previously been performed in Tokyo in 2002 with the choir Choro Kallos and Odd-Arne on guitar.
Choro Kallos and Odd-Arne
Choro Kallos and Odd-Arne

Tir`d With All These are released in Japan on Kojima Records.
Odd-Arne Jacobsen will also play a solo piece this evening.

April 11 2012 Time. 12.00 pm - 04.00 pm
Place: Univerity Of Tromsø UiT Faculty Of Fine Arts/Music Conservatory

What Could John Dowland (1563-1626 ) Tell Us Today?

Odd-Arne will present and set John Dowland in the current context of guitar students at the Conservatory.

What if we look at some of his compositions to pop songs or jazz standards?
What chord was his musical DNA?
What has John Dowland meant for artists like Sting, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush and The Beatles?
Can Elizabethan musical roots be traced in today's popular music?

``Odd-Arne on classical guitar from a session In NRK Tromsø 8/8-1977``

1.Captain digorie piper`s galliarde (John Dowland 1563-1626)
2.My Lady Hundsons Puffe (John Dowland)

Thursday, February 16. 2012
Place: Krane Art Gallery, Strandgata 30, 9008 Tromso.

Odd-Arne will play a solo concert on the occasion of Torun Ovangers opening
reception for her new paintings. The similarity with watercolor and improvisation will be central in this project.
The repertoire will consist of Odd-Arne's compositions.
Odd-Arne has on several occasions given solo recitals on guitar. Carnegie
in New York, Musée d'Art Moderne in Paris, University in Moscow and
the Norwegian-Russian-Chinese and Finnish TV:

October 06. 2011
Place: Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education

Concerts witk Music students at Holtekilen Collage Of Further Eduction .

Own composition and No More Blues ( Joabim ) and`` Is Might As well Be Spring ( Richard Rodgers)

October 04. 2011
Place: Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education

Morning Concert for students at Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education.

Own Compositions

September 17. 2011
Place: Tromsø

Odd-Arne complicit in a concert with the poetry of Sigbjørn Obstfelder and Jazz together with Tore Morten Andreassen, Odd Arvid Eilertsen, Inge Kolsvik and Torstein Dulsrud.

Check out a song from the album here

The project will be performed on the festival "Åsgårdspell"

September 12. 2011
Place: Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education

Morning Concert for students at Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education.

Own Compositions

May 31. 2011
Time: 19.00
Place: Tromsø Kulturhus - lille sal

Odd-Arne will play guitar together with master students on a concert at the University Of Tromsø - Faculty of Fine Arts.

Odd-Arne will play on his Bolin Classical guitar and his Gibson Birdland.

May 5. 2011
Time: 0800- 08.30
Place: Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education

Morning solo concert presenting some filmmusic during the last forty years and some own compositions.

May 2. 2011
Time: 20.30-23.00
Place: Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education

Session with students at Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education –presenting some hip- hop-jazz and pop songs.

March 25. 2011
Time: 09.00 –16.00
Place: Tromsø

Working /playing with master students at Univerity in Tromsø ,faculty Of
Fine Arts .

March 17.
Time: 21.00-22.30
Place: Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education, Oslo.

Concerts with jazz-hip hop and rock.
Playing in band with students with Roland guitar synth Gr- 33 –Gibson ES
175-Gibson Birdland and Bolin classical guitar.

March 17. 2011
Time: 0815 -0915
Place: Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education, Oslo.

Morning solo concert for the students with his own compositions.
Using his Gibson Byrdland.

February 7. 2011

Place: cafe `` CIRCA`` Tromsø
Time : 20.00 p.m

Odd-Arnes compositions ``Music For The Silence MInority`` for String quartet, bassoon and guitar and`For Strings Only`` for string quintett and guitar . Odd-Arne Jacobsen will perform with students from University Of Tromsø –faculty Of Fine Arts Music Conservatory

Anne Berg Schjønsby –Bassoon.
Mats Roar Sakshaug : 1.violin
Anastasia Disteh :2.violin
Geir Håkon Seljelid : Viola.
Sunniva Waage : Cello
Dag Okstad : Duoble bass
Tatiana Kabeshova : Classical Guitar.
Terje Storvig :Electric guitar

Odd-Arne will lead the rehearsels

Friday 4/2
Saturday 5/2
Sunday 6/2
Monday 7/2
and lead the ensemble in the cafe Circa in Tromsø.

January 24. 2011

Odd-Arne played on Lars Gullins Danny`s Dream together with Dag Okstad bass and Thomas Larsen on guitar on his master degree concert at Mandag 7/2- 2011 at the University Of Tromsø-Faculty Of Fine Arts Music Conservatory.

January 24. 2011

Odd-Arne will take part in Lars Gullin`s composition Danny`s Dream together with Dag Okstad bass og Thomas Larsen guitar.

Monday 24/01- 11 at Theatercafeen Hålogaland Teater time: 20-21.30

Oslo / Holtekilen Collage Of Further Education

Odd-Arne will play his own compositions and standards from the 50s and the 60 s during a lecture about Martin Luther King.

Saturday 15/01-11 at 09.00-13-00

Tromsø Desember 18-19 2010

Odd-Arne vill do a recordingsession in Tromsø 17-19 Desember 2010 with the guitarist Tore Morten Andreassen and band . The session will bee about the norwegian writher Sigbjørn Obstfelders visionary lyric drawing of Obstfelder by Evard Munch.

Concert (recording session) at`` Kysten`` ,Strandvegen 95 Tromsø.

Friday 18/12-10 at 20:00

Saturday 19/12 10 at 17: 00

Both sessions with be recorded with private audience.

Desember 17. 2010

Working with guitarmasterstudents at The Univerity of Tromsø, faculty of fine arts, music concervatory.

November 11. 2010

Odd-Arne will participate in Thomas Larsen's masterconcert on guitar and Dag Okstad on bass. Odd-Arne have been Thomas Larsen's mentor during his musicstudies.

Mandag 29 /11 2010 at 14.00 in Ishavskatedralen.

November 22. 2010

Odd-Arne will work with the guitar students at Univerity Of Tromsø Faculty Of Fine Arts in different settings the following dates.

Monday 22/11
Tuesday 23/11
Wednesday 24/11
Thursday 25/11
Friday 26/11-2010

June 02. 2010

21:00 PM - Hålogaland Teather (Teather Cafe) Tromsø

Guitar duo with my masterstudent in Tromsø, Thomas Ragnar Larsen. This is one of his many master exams.

January 28. 2010

Odd-Arne will work with guitarstudents at The university of Tromsø, the northernmost university of the world this winter/spring.

The dates is as follows:

Wednesday 10/2 2010

Tuesday 9/3 -2010
Wednesday 10/3- 2010
Thursday 11/3-2010

Wednesday 19/5- 2010
Thursday 20/5-2010

Wednestay 2/6-2010
Thursday 3/6-2010
Friday 4/6-2010

October 25. 2009

Sunday October 25. at 7.00 PM

Consert with the soprano Anne Charlotte Fongen

Music by:
Leonard Bernstein
Stephen Sondheim
Eden Ahbez
Odd-Arne Jacobsen.

Place : Frimurerlosjen Oslo at 7.00 Pm

Faroe islands june 2009

Odd-Arne will performe a new Faroe islands project in june 2009 with bassplayer Edvard Nyholm Debess.

Summartonar tourdates:

23.06 HVonn Torshavn kl.20
24.06 Nólsoy kl.20
25.06 Mikladalur kl..20.

Summartonar program

Tromsø 27.12.08

Odd-Arne would be a guest in Tore Mortens Andreassens band Quadrant 4 in the annual jazzconcert at Skarven in Tromsø 27.12.08. The whole jazzelite of Tromsø will play this night.
Program for jazzconcert at Skarven.

Autumn 2008

Tromsø, Autumn 2008

4/9 and 5/9, 11/10 and 12/9, 18/9, 19/9 and 20/9:
Odd-Arne will be working as a guest musician at the Tromsø University College together with the guitar students at the autumn of 08'.

25/9 og 26/9 – 2/10 og 3/10
Odd Arne's two compositions, "Music For The Silence Minority" and "For Strings Only", will be performed by students at "Lille sal, Tromsø Kulturhus".

It will many flights between Oslo and Tromsø. Odd-Arne will be in Tromsø every Thursday and Friday.
3/7, 4/7 and 5/7

On the 3th, 4th and 5th of July Odd-Arne will feature on the Summartonar festival 2008, as a guitarist and composer. Odd-Arne will also give a European premiere on "Tir`d With All These" at 20.00 in Nordens Hus,Torshavn. The premiere will also feature the choir Tarira conducted by Sunleif Rasmussen.

Odd-Arne is also very honored to participate on the same programme as Toru Takemitsu and Karin Rehnquist.

Postponed to next years festival in agreement with the festival.

Friday 16/5-08

Odd-Arne and Marck Jamz Rap music and jazz
Odd-Arne's interest in Rap music is characterized by the real child of jazz. Here you can see Odd-Arne and Marck Jamz.

Thursday 15/5-08

Odd-Arne and Linn Workshops for students
Odd-Arne is often giving workshops for young music students. Here you can see Odd-Arne and Linn in the "Fly Me To The Moon"-composition.

Thursday 3/7-08

Torshavn at Faroe Islands Odd-Arne will play in "Torshavn" at Faroe Islands.

"Nordens Hus", Torshavn
Tuesday 3. July 2008

Odd Arne jacobsen - Guitar
Tarira - Choir
Sunleif Rasmussen - Conductor

Wednesday 31/10- 07, Thursday 1/11-07 and Friday 2/11-07

Odd-Arne in Moscow 2005 Odd-Arne will teach and play with the students at "Tromsø University College, Faculty of Art. Music Conservatory". The students are studying electric guitar rythmics in Jazz and R&B and other genres.


Odd-Arne's project with the guitar students in Tromsø was very successful, and he is already wanted back for more projects in the future.

I`m a bit thoughtful about possibly "being a profet" in my own town.
June 29 , 2007 21.00

Summartonar on the Faraoe Islands
A concert will be held at Gjógv on the Faroe Islands. It is held by Færøsk Komponistforbund and is called Summartonar.

Notification of the gig on

Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitars

Edvard Nyholm Debess: Bass

String Quartet:
Angelika Nielsen from the Faroe Islands: Violin
Jona Jacobsen from the Faroe Islands: Violin
Erika Sødersten from Sweden: Viola
Gunnhildur H. Gudmundsdottir from Iceland: Cello

The reportoire consists of "For Strings Only" by Odd-Arne Jacobsen anlong with compositions by Debess and Jacobsen for guitar/bass.

June 27 , 2007 21.00

Summartonar on the Faraoe Islands
A concert will be held at Posthuskjallarin in Torshavn on the Faroe Islands. It is held by Færøsk Komponistforbund and is called Summartonar.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitars

Edvard Nyholm Debess: Bass

String Quartet:
Angelika Nielsen from the Faroe Islands: Violin
Jona Jacobsen from the Faroe Islands: Violin
Erika Sødersten from Sweden: Viola
Gunnhildur H. Gudmundsdottir from Iceland: Cello

The reportoire consists of "For Strings Only" by Odd-Arne Jacobsen anlong with compositions by Debess and Jacobsen for guitar/bass.

June 26 , 2007 20.00

Summartonar on the Faraoe Islands
A concert will be held in Tr¿royri on Suðuroy, venue to be announced, on the Faroe Islands. It is held by Færøsk Komponistforbund and is called Summartonar.

Notification of the gig on

Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitars
Edvard Nyholm Debess: Bass

The reportoire consists of compositions by Debess and Jacobsen for guitar/bass.

April 14 , 2007 

Lecture for guitarstudents at HITOS
Odd-Arne will hold a lecture for the guitarstudents at HITOS (Høgskolen in Tromsø, the arts institute), both the ones that study classical guitar and the ones that study in the rythmic direction.

January 22 , 2007 19.00

Nordlysfestivalen / The Northern Lights Festival
Odd-Arnes largest project in Norway to date will take place in Tromsø Kulturhus "verkstedet" 22th of january 2007. Odd Arne gets the great honour of opening the festival Nordlysfestivalen / The Northern Lights Festival, held in Tromsø 22 - 28 of january, that has a 20 years anniversary. This will be marked with a whole evening with focus on Odd-Arnes guitar playing and compositions.

Together with the choire MIMAS and conductor Ragnar Rasmussen, Odd-Arne will perform "Tird' With All These" for mixed choire and guitar, with lyrics from William Shakespeares sonett nr. 66.

With the MIN ensemble Odd-Arne will also perform "Music For The Silence Minority" for string quartet, bassoon and guitar.

A world premiere will also take place with "For Strings Only" with stringquartet and electric guitar. Edvard Debass will play bass.

Odd-Arne and Debess wil also play a duo session of original material during this concert where improvisation plays a central role.

April 29 , 2006 11.00-15.00

Seminar/Concert at Drangedal Kulturskole
Odd-Arne has always sought the unpredictable in his carreer as a musician. A meeting with enthusiastic guitarists in all ages is unbelievably challenging. We are then talking about communication on a very demanding level. One then learns that to practice up and down on the guitar neck is not enough to reach home to others. The ability to recall ones own unsecurity as a novice is extremely fundamental for holding a lecture that hits mark.

March 26 , 2006 9.30-12.00

Seminar/Concert at Holtekilen College Of Further Education
Odd-Arne presented his piece for mixed choire and guitar "Tir'd With All These", with lyrics from Shakespeares Sonnet #66. Odd-Arne told of his love for among others the lute player John Dowland, who was employed by Christian IV as lute player at the court in Copenhagen. Odd-Arne played Dowlands music on his 11-string altoguitar.

March 21 , 2006 20.30

Seminar/Concert at Holtekilen College Of Further Education
Odd-Arne held a session/concert with students from the schools music program. Ingvild on vocals, Ole on bass and Kenneth on drums. The concert was held in the basement hall with a very enthusiastic audience. The reportoire consisted of songs like "Calling You", "Proud Mary", "Like Someone In Love" and "Dindi" along with songs by Marvin Gaye.

January 14 , 2006 09.00-13.00

Electronica For The Silence Minority
Odd-Arne will hold a concert with the latest elektronicaproject on Holtekilen College Of Further Education on saturday 14. January 2006.

28.Nov. - 4.Dec. , 2005 

Ishavskatedralen in Tromsø.
Architect is Jan Inge Hovig. Musikk I Troms
In week 48, from the 28. of november until the 4. of december, Odd-Arne will tour the north of Norway together with saxophone player Fred Glesnes.

The tour is arranged by Musikk I Troms.

Wednesday30. Nov. 17.00 - 18.00Karlsøy, Brygga
Thursday1. Dec. 20.00 - 21.00Tromsø, Ishavskatedralen
Friday2. Dec. 19.00 - 20.00Skjervøy, Kulturhuset
Saturday3. Dec. 18.00 - 19.00Finnsnes, Metodistkirka
Sunday4. Dec. 19.00 - 20.00Bjarkøy, Brygga Kro

November 19, 2005, 15.00-16.00

Solorecital at Færder Fyr
Odd-Arne will hold a private solo recital at Færder Fyr. October 21, 2005 19:00

Third Russian Norwegian Jazz Festival
Odd-Arne often toured in Russia during the 80's and 90's, and played at festivals on the same consert program as for instance Bradford Marsalis, and had his own program on russian TV: "The secrets of winterjazz". He held concerts at among other places the University of Moscow.
This time Odd-Arne will play together with one of the finest jazzmusicians in Russia today, the guitarist Alexei Kuznetsov and his quartet. The concert will be held at Moscow International Performing Art Center Friday the 21. of October as a part of the third Russian Norwegian Jazz Festival. Here is the link to the official web page.
Odd-Arne and Alexei played together at the Gnesin Institute of Moscow in november 1988.
Russian press clippings 1 & 2
September 14-18, 2005 

Concerts On The Faroe Islands
Odd-Arne will do a project on the Faroe Islands together with the local bass-player/composer Edvard N. Debess. Compositions of both Odd-Arne and Debess will be preformed, together with jazz standards.
Edvard N. Debess is today one of the leading musicians on the Faroe Islands. He has collaborated with, among others, the guitarist Egberto Gismonti and arranger/composer Maria Schneider.
Guitar and bass is for Odd-Arne a duoform that has endless possibilities. Odd-Arne has done northic duo collaborations earlier together with his swedish guitar college Rune Gustavsson.

June 21, 2005 

Radio Show
Odd-Arne Odd arne was the guest at a radio show made by NRK. More information can be found on Latest News. February 17, 2005 

Concert at Holtekilen College Of Further Education
Odd-Arne will present his work "Tir'd With All These" for mixed choir and guitar for this years students. He will present the piece and tell about the work with the japanese choir Coro Callos, and play from the japanese produced CD from Kojiima Records. Odd-Arne will also play music from Shakespears time by John Dowland , on his 11 string Alto guitar. February 6, 2005, 11:00

The Lap national day celebrated in Oslo Domkirke
The Laps are a minority group that lives in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The 6. of february is their national day. That day now becomes an official flag day in Norway. This occation will be marked with an arrangement in Oslo Domkirke where Odd-Arne has been invited to contribute with a guestpreformance on guitar. This is a great honour. February 1, 2005, 09:00-21:00

Lecture and Concert at Romerike College Of Further Education

Odd-Arne will meet the new music students at Romerike College Of Further Education for a whole days travel into Odd-Arnes musical universe and philosophy. There will be held a concert consisting of pop and jazz standards along with a solo recital on Odd-Arnes guitars. Odd-Arne personal opinion is that a musicians philosophy, or lack of such, is recognisable after hearing two bars. January 8, 2005 

Duo Concert At Holtekilen College For Further Education
Odd-Arne will hold a concert together with the chinese musician Zheng-Hong-Hong, who plays Zheng (a chinese 23 string harp) at Holtekilen College For Further Education, on saturday 8. january 2005. Odd-Arne and Hong-Hong will play both traditional chinese music and Odd-Arnes compositions, where both regular guitars and guitarsynth will be used. Hong-Hong will give an introduction this old music culture (about 5000 years old) as a lecture for todays students, side by side with digital sound sculptures from Odd-Arnes guitarsynth. September 25, 2004, 19:30

Duo concert in Oslo Concert Hall
Odd-Arne will perform in duo with the chinese (now a norwegian citizen) musician Zheng Hong Hong. She plays "Zheng", which is a harp instrument with historical roots going back several thousand years. They will participate in a major arrangement in Oslo Concert Hall in the occation of the 50 years anniversary of the establishment of diplomatical connections between Norway and The Peoples Republic Of China. Both norwegian and chinese artists will participate in Oslo Concert Hall. Odd-Arne have toured in China several times. This is what it sounds like when Odd-Arne and Hong Hong plays together. Here is a link to the norwegian Kinesisk Kultur Festival web page. August 29, 2004, 14:00

Solorecital at Holtekilen College Of Further Education
Odd-Arne will hold a solo recital at Holtekilen College Of Further Education in the occasion of the start of the fall semester, and as an introduction to the new students. He will among other play Latino. June 4, 2004, 17:00

Munch & Vigeland concert!
Odd-Arne & ensemble will perform at this very special exhibition! May 10, 2004, 16:00-20:00

Concert and Workshop at Romerike College Of Further Education

This arrangement has been cancelled after mutual agreement between Odd-Arne and Romerike Folkehøyskole.\\n Odd-Arnes concert and workshop 9. of january 2004 was so well received that the students at Romerike College Of Further Education wanted more. This years class of music students will meet Odd-Arne in a new solo concert and workshop monday 10. of may at 16:00. Odd-Arne will perform jazz standards and tell about his projects around the world: - about japanese percussionists playing on water - about sitting alone in Carnegie Hall performing selfcomposed material - about building credibility in a "wash and go" business - about how japanese yen "saved" the Munch Museum - about norwegian politicians lack of focus on cultural issues - and about the possibilities of utilizing the Roland GR.33 guitar synth for orchestration, using the guitar. April 24, 2004, 22:30

Solo concert in LommedalsHallen
Odd-Arne will perform compositions by Jerome Kern, George Gerswin and Irving Berlin, along with some of his own. January 24-27

The Town Of Cardamom
From 4. until 28. of january Oss-Arne worked with the play "villagers and villains in the town of Cardamom". It was performed at Holtekilen College For Further Education 24-27. of january. The shows were seen by several hundred children. This play is of the most famous norwegian theatre plays for children. It is written by Torbjørn Egner, including both lyrics and music, exept from where the barber sings the barber meister song (not the one in Sevilla), which is composed by Bjarne Amdahl. In this show, both clarinett, tuba and accordion is included in the instrumentation. Odd-Arne used his guitarsynth Roland GR 33, so that he performed these instruments using patches from the synth. OAJ's corner, Picture 1 shows the whole crew involved in the theatre play. Picture 2, shows the town orchestra. In front: Odd-Arne on guitar, Liv on violin, Even on el-bass, Ruben on keys. In the back we see characters like the baker, the chief of police, the barber (with clarinett), the tram conductor, Tommy and Kamomilla. Picture 3 shows from the right: Liv on violin, Odd-Arne on guitar and Even on el-Bass. Ruben played keyboards, but did unfortunately not make it onto this picture. January 9, 2004, 20:00

Concert and Workshop at Romerike Folkehøyskole
Odd-Arne will hold a concert at Romerike College of Further Education, where he also will hold a workshop. The students on the music program will join him on stage in some of the acts. Gallery 5. November 15, 2003, 09:00-12:00

Lecture on composing
At Holtekilen Collage of Further Education, Odd-Arne will give a talk on the process of compsing. Throughout the lecture he will play some samples from his work on sonette nr. 66 by William Shakespeare - named Tir'd with All These (sheet music, CD and sound samples) - for mixed choir and guitar. This composition was first performed in Tokyo by Odd-Arne and Coro Kallos in Tokyo, and has later been published on Kojima Records Inc., Japan (CD) and Musikkhuset A/S Oslo, Norway (score). Shakespeares sonnets has for many years been among the finest "music" Odd-Arne has listened to, especially nr.66. November 4, 2003, 19:00

CANCELLED - Solo jazz appearance at Oslo Jazz Circle!
Odd-Arne makes a contribution to the jazz guitar tradition with a solo set at the Bare Jazz jazz club in downtown Oslo. Don't miss it! October 27, 2003, 21:00

Øverland Gård concert
Odd-Arne will hold a soloperformance on 12 string guitar and on his Bolin classical guitar. The concert will be held at Øverland Gård in Bærum, near Oslo. September 27, 2003, 09:00-12:30

OAJ workshop - Holtekilen
The Collage of Further Education at Holtekilen near Oslo will house this interesting session, where Odd-Arne will meet some students and host a musical workshop. He will also do a solo concert on some of his guitars! August 6, 2003, 17:00

Concert at an Anti-nuclear weapons happening in Oslo!
This will be a rare opportunity to hear Odd-Arne live at Youngstorget in Oslo. This is a happening in memory of the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima on August 6. 1945. Odd-Arne also played on August 6. 1995 (the fifty year anniversary) as sole Norwegian musician at a concert in Hiroshima, Japan. The picture on the left is from the 1995 concert. October 3, 2002, 9 pm.

Concert at Jazzkjelleren - Olavskvartalet, Trondheim
The third concert in the Autumn Songs project, arranged by Midtnorsk Jazzsenter, features the following musicians:
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen (Norway) - Guitar
    Haruna Miyake (Japan) - Piano
    Zheng Hong-Hong (China) - Zheng (23 string Chinese harp)
    Steinar Raknes (Norway) - Bass
The Norwegian-savvy audience can read about the Autumn Song Project in this presentation (by Du store verden, a Norwegian organisation for cultural exchange and collaboration).
September 30, 2002, noon

Concert at Holtekilen collage for further education.
The second concert in the Autumn Songs project.
    Haruna Miyake (Japan) - Piano
    Zheng Hong-Hong (China) - Zheng (23 string Chinese harp)
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen - Guitar

September 29, 2002 at 2 pm.

Concert at the Edvard Munch Museum, Oslo
The artists will be
    Haruna Miyake (Japan) - Piano
    Zheng Hong-Hong (China) - Zheng (23 string Chinese harp)
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen - Guitar
This concert is part of their collaboration project called Autumn Songs. Watch this space for upcoming Autumn Song events!

August 5 to 10, 2002
Guitar seminar at Viken College of Further Education,
Gjøvik, Norway.
During week 32, Odd-Arne will give lectures and concerts. The theme of the week is How to Play in a Band - Improvisation and Harmony.

March 6, 2002
  08:15 - 09:30
  22:05 - midnight Radio Interview on NRK P2
In connection with the publishing of Tir'd with All These, on print and CD, NRK P2 - the Culture Channel, inteviews Odd-Arne and sends extracts from the Coro Kallos concert.

The interview will be sent during two shows; in the morning on Kulturbeitet, and in the night on Blue Mix.

February 9, 2002 at 2pm
February 13, 2002 at 11am Norwegian National Broadcasting (NRK) P2's Radio Show Jungletelegrafen sends passages from two concerts:
  • The Yokohama concert with Rejseger and Sabu, October 6, 2001
  • The Coro Kallos Anniversary Concert, October 12, 2001
Tune in!

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