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Interesting projects and tours will be presented when confirmed.

Holtekilen Collage for Further Education January 20, 2001
Solo performance; Odd-Arne plays the guitar.

Coast Tour of Norway

February 20 to March 2, 2001
The Swedish jazz guitarist Rune Gustavsson and Odd-Arne tour the Norwegian coast on the Coastal Express ship MS Richard With (Hurtigruten) from Bergen to Kirkenes. The two guitarists will play several concerts during the boat trip, and finish it all with a concert March 2, 19:00 at Logen, Ole Bullsplass 6, 5012 Bergen (tel: 5523-2015).

Odd-Arne hasn't played Bergen since his performance of Gershwin's Rapsody in Blue and Porgy and Bess, as guitarist for The Norwgian Radio Orchestra in 1987, so he's looking forward to playing there again.
Concert at Foreningen Norden
Harbitzalleen 24, 0275 OSLO
Phone: 2251-6760

In addition to the gigs during the Coast Tour of Norway, Rune Gustavsson and Odd-Arne will hold a concert at the Foreningen Norden in Oslo, Sunday, March 4 at 2 p.m.

Re-opening of Kunstnernes Hus
Artists' House, Oslo Norway.

April 28, at 12 o'clock noon.
Kunstnernes Hus
re-opens with the Chinese contemporary art exhibition Hot Pot. Odd-Arne Jacobsen and Zheng-Hong-Hong have the honour of playing the opening concert, on guitar and Chinese harp.

The picture shows Zheng and Odd-Arne receiving flowers after a concert on their Asia2000 tour.
NRK P2 Kulturbeitet
Presentation and interview
June 7, 2001
, the main Norwegian cultural radio channel, interviewed and presented Odd-Arne in the show Kulturbeitet (Culture Pasture). Odd-Arne spoke of his coming projects in Japan, a country whose music life embraces him as a jazz guitarist and composer.
NRK Nord-Norge portray NRK Nord-Norge, a regional division of the Norwegian National Broadcaster, portrayed Odd-Arne in a 30 minute special, June 12, 16:30 at P1, the main national radio channel in Norway.
Viken Collage of Further Education

Gjøvik Norway
August 6-12, 2001
During week 32, Odd-Arne will give lectures and concerts. The theme of the week is How to Play in a Band - Improvisation and Harmony.
Staubø Kultursenter
4920 Staubø (close to Arendal, Norway)
September 7, at 19:00
Odd-Arne gives a solo concert.

ASIA Project 2001

Playing several festivals in China and Japan are among Odd-Arne's plans for his ASIA Project 2001. In addition, he will present his composition for choire and guitar, and give lectures on the art of improvisation. Watch this space for future info.

Two famous Chinese music magazines will soon present Odd-Arne's remarkable carrear. The articles will also feature an interview with Odd-Arne. Previously, Gendai Guitar Magazine has presented Odd-Arne and his music in its March 1999 edition. Check Latest News for the articles.

October 6: The Yokohama Jazzpromenade
Together with Haruna Miyake on piano, Odd-Arne Jacobsen will give a concert at the Yokohama Jazz Festival, also called the Jazzpromenade. Miyake, being one of the leading music personalities in Japan, has previously worked with several of the world's best musicians: Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Wayne Shorter and Elliott Sharp, to name some. She is a composer as well as a piano player, with an extensive production. She has had her works for orchestra performed at the Lincoln Center in New York.Currently, she works at the Ferris University in Japan, where she is a professor of composition and piano. Haruna Miyake and Odd-Arne Jacobsen started their collaboration in 1995.

Odd-Arne and Haruna outside Shizuoka Aoshima Hall November 9, 1999, moments after their duo concert (top), and during a recording session in Tokyo the day before (bottom). You can listen to the sound clip Blues for a Timeless Soul (OAJ - H.Miyake), performed live at the Pit Inn, Tokyo, as well.

October 7th at the Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo:
This concert at the famous jazz club features
Odd-Arne Jacobsen     Guitar
Haruna Miyake Piano
Hiroshi YoshinoBass
Jashuhiro Yoshigaki   Percussion

October 10th at the Ferris University near Tokyo:
Odd-Arne gives lectures on the art of improvisation.

October 12th at the Kioi Hall, Tokyo:
The Coro Kallos Annual Concert Series.

The Japanese mixed choire Coro Kallos performs together with Odd-Arne on guitar the piece he has written especially for this occation.
Have a look at a Note Sheet from the composition, and see the text Tired With All These by William Shakespeare.

NOTE: The October 13 concert at Pit Inn has been moved to October 7.

October 14th at the Place Evan, Tokyo (ph: 81-492-96-4183)
The same band that played Place Evan last year meets again:
Odd-Arne Jacobsen:Guitar
Koichi Matsukaze:Sax-flute
Jasuhiro Yoshigaki:Percussion
Hiroshi Yoshino: Acoustic Bass
Here's a couple of pictures of the musicians from last year's concert.
Odd-Arne Jacobsen dedicates this concert to the late owner of Place Evan, Masahiro Oda.

NRK Nord-Norge Radioshow Wednesday November 14, 2001
NRK Northern Norway presented Tir'd with All These and a new House-music project Odd-Arne has contributed to. Samples will appear on Sound Samples when we recieve the CDs.
Voksenåsen, Oslo Saturday November 24th and Sunday 25th, solo concerts.
Odd-Arne will play his Gibson 175 ES and a Bolin classical guitar. The theme for these two concerts is Culture, Nature and Health in UN's year of volunteers.


  • Radio NRK P2
  • February 1430 and 1103(r)
    Odd-Arne will appear in "Jungeltelegrafen" with music from his Tokyo Project 99'

  • Concert at Holtekilen college of further education
  • February 1200 pm
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen - Guitar
    Yolande Bavan - Vocal
    Kåre Garnes - Bass
    Eyvind Olsen - Drums

  • Mosaikk - Culture Conference
    Voksenåsen, Norway
  • March
    Solo spot 12-string guitar

  • Talking Trees Project
    Bjølsenparken, Oslo, Norway
  • May 27 and 28
    Solo spot 12-string guitar
  • Concert at Viken college of further education
  • August 7. th - 12. th
    Concerts and seminars

  • Concert with Rune Gustavsson at Akureyri/Iceland
  • August
  • Concert with Rune Gustavsson at the Nordic house-Reykjavik Iceland
  • August
    The night's program in Swedish and Icelandic.
    The concerts in Iceland became a success. The concerts were packed, and the reviews great, amongst others from Reykjavik Int. Jazzfestival.
  • tribute to Robert Normann
    Sarpsborg, Norway

  • September
    Robert Normann is and was a legend amongst lovers of jazz guitar; Django Reinhardt, who heard Robert play in Oslo, was one of his admirers.

    Odd-Arne Jacobsen is to have the honour of opening the Robert Normann Museum which will form a part of the Musical Instrument Academy in Sarpsborg

    The opening will take place Thursday September 2000, marked by a solo guitar spot with Odd-Arne Jacobsen.
    There will also be a duet with the well known Swedish guitarist Rune Gustavsson.
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen consider it a great honour to be asked to open the Robert Normann Museum.

    Over the last few years, Odd-Arne has presented his guitar jazz in China, Japan, Russia, France and the U.S.A. - including a solo concert in the Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York. Considering that Rune Gustavsson has played with Stan Getz, Zoot Zims, Arne Domnerus, Benny Carter and Monica Zetterlund, among others. It should be a homage worthy of the guitar/music legend Robert Normann.

    Here's a picture of Robert Normann during one of his last performances. A brilliant guitarist near the end of his carrear. He was 73 years old when the picture was taken.
    And here's Odd-Arne looking through the window at Normann's guitar.

  • A tribute to Robert Normann
    Sarpsborg, Norway
  • September
    Master class at the Academic Of Music in Sarpsborg with Rune & Odd-Arne

  • Concert with Rune Gustavson at
    Herr Nilsen Jazz Club - Oslo, Norway
  • September

  • Nordic Association House
    Oslo, Norway
  • September
    Presenting the art of jazz guitar duo at the Nordic Association House in Oslo with Rune Gustavson & Odd-Arne.

  • Holtekilen college of further education
    Oslo, Norway
  • September
    Concert with Rune Gustavson & Odd-Arne.

  • ASIA Project 2000

    Odd-Arnes Asia Project 2000 became a formidable success: All concerts were packed, and new concerts and master classes are planned for 2001 both in China and Japan. See Asia Project 2001 above for details.

  • Tokyo

    October 14th 19:30 at the Otoya Kintoki
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitar (Gibson ES175)
    Keisuke Doi: Shakuhachi
    Hiroshi Yoshino: Accoustic Bass
    Take a look this picture, live from the event

    October 15th at the Place Evan, Inzui 495-5, Hatoyama-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitar (Gibson ES175)
    Koichi Matsukaze: Sax-flute
    Jasuhiro Yoshigaki: Percussion.
    Hiroshi Yoshino : Acoustic Bass
    Here's a couple of pictures of the musicians

    October 18th at the Off 5th. Avenue
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitar
    Yujiro Wada: Guitar
    The artists back-stage and the program


    October 21 at the Shanghai Concert Hall
    Haruna Miyake: Piano
    Zheng Hong Hong: Zheng (the Chinese harp instrument)
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitar (Gibson ES175)
    Peep at the program, a Shanghai Post article featuring the project, and the musicians receiving flowers from two pretty girls.

    October 24 at the Concert Hall of Shenzen Grand Theater
    Haruna Miyake: Piano
    Zheng Hong Hong: Zheng (the Chinese harp instrument)
    Odd-Arne Jacobsen: Guitar (Gibson ES175)
    Pictures of the artists checking out the P.A-system, Odd-Arne about to play his solo version of All the Things You Are, and Odd-Arne tuning his 12-string during the performance. And here's a news clip featuring the Project.

    Åpta - 4550 Farsund, Norway November 3-5: Concert sessions and seminar
    NRK P2's radio show Jungeltelegrafen Saturday, December 16 at 11:03 a.m.
    Odd-Arne plays music from his CD's.

    This show will also appear wednesday December 20, for those who missed it saturday.


  • Tokyo Project 99

    Back home in Tromsø
    (photo: Ole Magnus Rapp)
  • Nov 2nd and 3rd
    Rehearsal in Tokyo with all players.
    Theatre X(cai)in Ryoguku,Tokyo:Odd-Arne 12-strings accoustic and Gibson ES175,with (Ten Jinchi-Koto)(.Akihiko Takeuchi-japanese flute.)(Jun Arai-narration.)(Haruna Miyake -Piano with korean composer. Li Ki-young Kim) Performance -Ryoko Hina.Also a new theatre piece by Rio Kishida.

    Recording session with Haruna Miyake in Tokyo.
    See picture

    Live at Shizuoka Aoshima Hall

    Pit Inn live(Shinjuku) with Ochi brothers and Haruna Miyake.
    A picture of the band - "GAEA SONG" and a picture of the Ochi-brothers backstage after the concert.
    concert at Otoya club with Hiroshi Yoshino on bass and Doi Keisuke on Shakuhachi

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