Odd-Arne stands today as a unique personal "voice" in european improvisation music, with his own distinctive tonelanguage. Most recently in Munch Museet 4.june where he had the honour of opening an exhibition, displaying art by Edvard Munch and Gustav Vigeland, with his own composition for guitar, string quartet and basoon. See Gallery6. In 2001 he opened the Robert Normann Museum in Sarpsborg. A great honour to follow norways jazzlegend.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen demostrates a unique musical language. It builds on philosphy and the acknowledgement of the timeless. Odd-Arne has worked with most of the leading artists in Norway, both with theatre and music, and has also presented his art internationally, in Carnegie Hall, New York in 1990 (solo concert with his own compositions), on tour and in his own television programme in Russia, as well as a solo concert at the Moscow International Jazz Festival. He has toured with his own OAJ-Band in Russia and in Shanghai in China. Alongside both his guitar synth. and accoustic guitars he has written for Zheng (A chinese harp), a instrument which has five thousand year old tradition. The well known chinese musician Zheng Hong-Hong plays the zheng on Autumn Rain In May (OAJR 2-2) and Far North (OAJR 3-2). Those interested in Odd-Arnes music can order it directly from him by sending an e-mail to: o-jacobs@online.no. Odd-Arne Jacobsen has also composed for string quartett comprising of mexican musicians. His concert in the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi where reviewed in Arab Times, who wrote about "timeless art of the guitar", "Voices from a winter landscape and frozen north".

Jacobsen has frequently worked with many of the worlds leading musicians. A good example of this is a project in Japan with the pianist/composer Haruna Miyake and the percussionist Yoshiaki and Yoshihisa Ochi, where they used improvisation as their musical language. Jacobsen has explored the traditions of jazz through his swedish friend and colleague Rune Gustavsson. A solo concert with improvised music, music which happends there and then there are moments you can treasure.Odd-Arne Jacobsen has several times played with symphony orchestra as a guitarist. For example the guitar(banjo) part in Porgy and Bess and Rhapsody In Blue(Gerswin)

Odd-Arne is also a devoted teacher. He gives lectures for students at alle levels, from primary school to university as well as other schools of music. His soft spot is the beginners. Two of Odd-Arne's students have later had success at the Paul McCartney School in Liverpool, England.

The goals and plans for the future include concerts an France, Sweden, Japan and Iceland, together with preparation for a new CD are already underway. Actually, to say this is not quite true. Music is there to be discovered everyday. It is the greatest thing that the music plays you and that one realises one listens that there is a greater power than us who has created us.

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