Guitar Lessons With Odd-Arne

Vil du lære å spille gitar med Odd-Arne? Da ringer du 22227877 eller 90605705 enten du er nybegynner eller viderkommende i jazz, klassisk, pop, rock og mer. Jeg anser musikkformidling som en enestående kunst som krever en grenseløs hengivenhet til musikk. Jeg setter veldig stor pris på nybegynnere, og føler selv at jeg må begynne på nytt hver dag. Jeg setter også pris på viderekommere for all del. Det å sitte med et menneske i et rom og formidle musikk er å ta andre på alvor. Det er et møte som kan endre manges liv. Brenner du inne med ting du vil utvikle med ditt gitarspill, ta kontakt!

Do you want to learn to play guitar with Odd-Arne? Then call 22227877 or 90605705 whether you are a novice or an advanced pupil in jazz, classical, pop, rock and more. I regard conveying music a unique art that demands an unlimited devotion to music. I dearly appreciate beginners, and feel that I myself must begin over every day. By all means, I appreciate advanced pupils also. To sit in a room with a person and teach music is to take others seriously. It is a meeting that can change many peoples lives. Are you being left with something on your hands that you want to develop with your guitar playing, contact me!

After having worked as a musician, both as a performer and as an educator, sitting in a room together with a pupil stands for me as one of the most challenging tasks one can do as a practitioner of music. Many think of this situation as not as important as being on stage. I disagree. I have seen many a competent musician go down when being placed face to face with pupils.

Odd-Arne has in his carreer, as a guitarist and composer, all along worked as an educator in a broad spectrum of the norwegian educational system. From childrens classes to Barrat Dues Musikkinstitutt and at the Universitetet i Oslo. He has given master class at Gnessin institute in Moskow for jazz students, and has been a guest lecturer at Ferris University in Tokyo. He also lectures at Holtekilen College For Further Education outside Oslo. He has had students that he has brought forward to intake at the Paul McCartney school in Liverpool and NISS (nordisk institutt for scene og studio).

Diagrams for students: Chords 4x5, Chords 5x5, Tabulatur

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