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Odd-Arne Jacobsen & Rune Gustavsson - Autumn leaves

This Tv-session is from the talkshow `` Wesenstund`` 1 / 11- 1998. The tv-host was the norwegian comedian, actor and jazz enthusiast, Rolv Wesenlund (1936- 2013).

Playing this session with jazz legend Rune Gustavsson (1933-2012) was a nice experience.

Rune collaborated with Arne Domnerus- Georg Riedel - Jan Johansson- Lars Gullin- Monica Zetterlund.

In other words, Rune represented a rich part of the Scandinavian jazzhistory. Together we did gigs as a duo in Norway- Sweden- and iceland.

Vakkert Land

Odd-Arne presented already in 1985 highly distinctive guitar playing and compositions on his guitar. Besides his Gibson Les Paul Gold Top,Odd-Arne here use a 11 string alto guitar (Bolin), six string classical guitar (Bolin) and 12 strings guitar (Levin)

Track 1: ARAS DREAM (Kåre Grøttun
Track 2: SAMBA (Odd-Arne Jacobsen)
Track 3: Vise I Vinterlys (Odd-Arne Jacobsen /Erik Bye)
Track 5: KORAL: (Odd-Arne Jacobsen)
Track 6: ØNSKE: (Odd-Arne jacobsen)
Track 7: Løsning: For Gitar(Odd-Arne jacobsen)
Track 8: Sang: (Odd-Arne jacobsen)
Track 9: Karis Ide(Odd-Arne Jacobsen)
Track 10: Vakkert Land( SUNI DERETI.Pakistansk trad Arr: Odd-Arne jacobsen)
Track 11: Ellinors Sang(Odd-Arne Jacobsen)

Improvising in the studio in a funky/ jazzy style

Odd-Arne plays a session in Coast studio in Tromsø 17/12-2010 together with the Tore Morten Andreassen guitar,Odd Arvid Eilsertsen bass, Inge Kolsvik Fender Rhodes, Thorstein Dulsrud Drums.


Bjørn&Rune MindFlour featuring Odd-Arne Jacobsen

Odd-Arne in indiepopland. All fills and solos shows Odd-Arne in a poplandscape where John Lennons spirit is well present.

Will He Make The News.mp3

Christmas Jam

Odd-Arne was a guest at Tromsø jazzClubs Romjulsjazz with guitarist Tore Morten andreassen's band Qadrant 4. They played a funky liveshow with lots of musical freedom. Odd-Arne used his Roland GR 33 guitarsynth and his Gibson ES 175.

Julejam 1
Julejam 2
Julejam 3
Julejam 4

Hip-Hop is a real child of jazz

Odd-Arne lays a guitar line with his Gibson Byrdland over a beat produced by Mr.Topack(one of Odd-Arnes student`s.. Odd-Arne thinks Hip-Hop is a real child of jazz. Tupac`Shakur`s flow resembles all the great contributions made by fine jazzdrummers throughout time.

Just Chill For A Sec

Odd-Arne Jacobsen and Marck Jamz in concert
Enjoy the unpredictable guitar lines from Odd- Arnes beloved Gibson 175.

"Morning of Attraction"

Live session - Jazz-Rap
Odd-Arne og Marck Jamz live from Holtekilen collage of further education may 2008.

Video clip

Far North
OAJ Band released the album Far North. The musicians playing on the album were Odd-Arne Jacobsen on guitars and guitar synth, Hong-Hong Zheng on zheng, Unni Damslora on percussion and Martin Fixdal on bass. The repertoire consisted solely of Odd-Arnes own compositions.

Faroe Islands
Odd-Arne has just returned from a concert tour on the Faroe Islands, where he teamed up with the local musician Edvard Debess and a nordic string ensemble.

  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Odd-Arnes composition "Right Now".
  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Odd-Arnes composition "For Strings Only".
  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Odd-Arnes composition "For Strings Only".
  • Watch a Video clip of Odd-Arne and Edvard Debess performing Edvards composition "We Fall".

This recording of Hoagy Carmicheal and Mirchell Parish's Stardust is taken from the Odd-Arnes record Vakkert Land (HCR22) released by Hot Club Records in 1985. The record contains mainly accoustic guitar improvisations. The guitar used in this instance is a Fender Balboa. A rare model shaped as an accoustic steel string guitar. Good for playing jazz.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Fender Balboa

Munch Concert
Odd-Arnes greatest musical challenge is completed with success. He had the great honor of opening the summer exhibition 2004 at the Munch Museum in Oslo on the 4th of June. The exhibition called "Eros & Thanatos" focused on art by Edvard Munch and Gustav Vigeland. Odd-Arne preformed the work "Music For the Silence Minority" together with a stringquartet from the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and bassonist Trond Olav Larsen. Here is the front and back of the invitation along with a video clip from the event.

Video clip
Listen to a coupple of bars from, and see Odd-Arne perform Irvin Berlin's "Always" at the solo concert Saturday 24. April in Lommedalshallen outside Oslo. Odd-Arne plays on his Gibson blonde ES175 using his two Gibson GA15RV guitar amplifiers. No digital or analog effects used this time. One guitar and one musician, along with some reverb from the guitar amplifiers.

Video clip
Romerike College
Everybody working with music knows that the most voulnerable and unpredictable moment is that microsecond right before the first tones appear. In this video clip these seconds are eternalized at Odd Arne's concert at Romerike College, where Odd Arne with students are about to perform Duke Ellingtons "C - Jam Blues". From the left: Odd-Arne: guitar, Jan Erik: guitar, Tormod: Drums, Espen: tenorsax, Johan: guitar, Øyvind: el. bass. This is in many ways the moment of truth. Now it is up to the musicians to conquer the room and capture the moment.

Video clip
West Side Story
A marvellous team receives applause after performing West Side Story, where this years students displayed their talents on stage at Holtekilen College Of Further Education 26-29 of january 2005. Odd-Arnes ES 175 can here be heard for some bars in Tonight. In white in front, Tony & Maria.

Video clip
Outdoors Concert
Odd-Arne playing guitar (D.N.B) at an outdoors concert in Oslo in 2003.

Video clip
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Odd-Arnes recordings available for purchase online. Download entire albums or individual tracks.

Autumn Rain In May
Far North
Tir'd With All These
Far North
In his composition "About 70's, 80's, 90's And 2000", Odd-Arne demonstrates his ability to carve out a solid melodic theme and colouring it with his guitar synth. Enjoy the close interplay between tablas and Odd-Arne's rythmguitar.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Guitarsynth.
Martin FixdalBass
Hong-Hong ZhengZheng
Unni DamsloraPerc

About 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000.mp3(1059kb)
CD Autumn Rain In May, 1991
Odd-Arne has worked with guitar synths for many years. First GR.700, GR.50, GR.1, and now adays the new GR.33. Here is an example of Odd-Arnes orchestration skills, using GR.50. Odd-Arnes interest for the russian painter Ilya Repin resulted in Odd-Arnes own composition "They Did Not Expect Her", which bears the same name as one of Repins most famous paintings.

Odd-Arne JacobsenGuitar synth.
Hong- Hong ZhengChinese Harp
Unni DamsloraPercussion
Gjermund SilsethElectrical Bass

They Did Not Expect Her.mp3
Recorded at the Yokohama Jazzpromenad, October 6, 2001
"YOLANDE" (OAJ–Reijseger–Sabu)

Odd-Arne JacobsenGuitar (Gibson ES175)
Ernst ReijsegerCello

Recorded at FIX Studio, Oslo, September 13, 2001
From the Barry Martin Project: "Latino"

Martin Fixdal & DJ Whale:  Synths, samples and direction of music
Odd-Arne Jacobsen:  Bolin classical guitar

Live at the Coro Kallos 20th Anniversary Concert at the Kioi Hall, Tokyo, October 12th, 2001
"Tir'd with All These" (Odd-Arne Jacobsen, text by William Shakespeare)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Bolin Classical Guitar
Coro Kallos Mixed Choire

Recording at Sekikumin Hall, Tokyo 8. Nov. 99
"Waltz for the Silent Minority" (Odd-Arne Jacobsen)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Gibson ES175
Haruna Miyake Piano

Recording at Sekikumin Hall, Tokyo 8. Nov. 99
"Sanglæreren" (The Songteacher) (Jacobsen)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Gibson ES175
Haruna Miyake Piano

Live at Shizuoka Aoshima Hall 9 Nov. 1999, Shizuoka
"Where is Jazz and Mr. D.G" (OAJ - H.Miyake)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Gibson ES175
Haruna Miyake Piano

Live at Pit Inn,Tokyo
"Blues For a Timeless Soul" (OAJ - H.Miyake)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Twelve and six strings accoustic guitars.
Haruna MiyakePiano

Live at Pit Inn,Tokyo
"Don't Walk - Walk" (OAJ - Yoshiaki Ochi - Yoshihisa Ochi)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Twelve strings accoustic guitars.
Yoshiaki Ochi Drums,percussion
Yoshihisa Ochi Drums,percussion


Far North
"Singing the Song - for Us, Short Version" (OAJ)
Odd-Arne Jacobsen Guitarsynth.
Martin FixdalBass
Hong-Hong ZhengZheng
Unni DamsloraPerc

Far North
"Time - Place - Person" (OAJ)

Odd-Arne Jacobsen Classical Guitar and Guitarsynth.


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