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Thoughtfull young man with his Fender Jaguar before a concert at the State Library in Boden / Sweden.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen & Rune Gustavsson - Autumn leaves

This Tv-session is from the talkshow `` Wesenstund`` 1 / 11- 1998. The tv-host was the norwegian comedian, actor and jazz enthusiast, Rolv Wesenlund (1936- 2013).

Playing this session with jazz legend Rune Gustavsson (1933-2012) was a nice experience.

Rune collaborated with Arne Domnerus- Georg Riedel - Jan Johansson- Lars Gullin- Monica Zetterlund.
In other words, Rune represented a rich part of the Scandinavian jazzhistory. Together we did gigs as a duo in Norway- Sweden- and iceland.

Norwegian TV NRK 26.04-1990. ``Møtested Norge ``

Hong - Hong Zheng on the Chinese instrument Gu Zheng and Odd-Arne Jacobsen on his Levin 12 strings guitar playing a Chinese traditional song. "The Fisherman`s evening song"
The program was broadcasted on Norwegian TV NRK 26.04-1990. The show was called ``Møtested Norge `` (Meetin Place Norway ) and was hosted by Farhat Naeem Khoka and Egil Teige.

Odd-Arne Jacobsen on his Roland guitar synth playing his composition "Whenever". Hong Hong plays on her old chinese instrument Gu Zheng. The program was broadcasted on Norwegian TV NRK 26.04-1990 .The show was called ``Møtested Norge `` (Meetin Place Norway ) and was hosted by Farhat Naeem Khoka and Egil Teige.

Tv production from 1985 –Norwegian TV (-NRK. )

A meeting between:Guitarist/composer Odd-Arne Jacobsen - painter Gunnar Alme – and singer /dancer Iselin Alme .``

Alise danser

The tv production Alise danser (NRK) from 1983 shows Odd-Arne playing his own material as well as a Pakistani melody Sohni Derhti.
The program is also shown on YLE (finnish television) and shows Odd-Arne's technically and musically ability.

Alise Danser (NRK)

Pictures from the early years.

Odd-Arne during a live session at ``Prelaten`` in Tromsø September 1980. Odd-Arne plays his Gibson Les Paul Gold Top DE Luxe guitar.

Pictures from the early years.

I believe this is the first time I performed in public.

I was 13 years old here. The second guy in the picture is Kjell Wold, who was so generous to lend me his fine el guitar.
We played here on a school party in one of our classrooms at Sommerlyst school in Tromso.

In this photo from 13/5- 1962, I play with my first guitar teacher Leo Karlsen in a private gathering with my dear parents in Tromso.
I used a tape recorder (Tandberg) and a regular radio (Radionette) from 13/5- 1962.

Vakkert Land ( 1985 )

Odd-Arne presented already in 1985 highly distinctive guitar playing and compositions on his guitar. Besides his Gibson Les Paul Gold Top,Odd-Arne here use a 11 string alto guitar (Bolin), six string classical guitar (Bolin) and 12 strings guitar (Levin)

Listen to the album here: Sound Samples

``Odd-Arne on classical guitar from a session In NRK Tromsø 8/8-1977``

1.Captain digorie piper`s galliarde (John Dowland 1563-1626)
2.My Lady Hundsons Puffe (John Dowland)

3. Suite in d-minore.(Rober De Visee. 1660-1720)

NRK radio show 1965

Odd-Arne (18 years old) performes Waldir Azevedo's Amorada on his Fender Jaguar. The song was recorded on a spring show in Tromsø 16.06.1965.
The lineup was: Odd-Arnes uncle Harald Hemmingsen on accordeon, Kjell Svendsen on Bass and Tore Rønne on drums.

Odd-Arne had only been playing guitar for four years on this recording

NRK press concert

NRK`s tv studio 1980

Odd-Arne playing with a small symphony orchestra in Tromsø NRK`s tv studio 1980.

See the concert here ( part 1 )
See the concert here ( part 2 )
See the concert here ( part 3 )
See the concert here ( part 4 )

OAJ Quartet in the 60s

Odd-Arne Jacobsen and his quartet performs Walter Donaldson's My Blue Heaven in NRK's studios in Tromso, 1965. Odd-Arne (18 years old at the time) uses his Fender Jaguar , Hagstrom 310 amp and Echolette echo machine. They also recorded ``Blue Ocean Echo``(composer Chet Atkins.).

Read a review of one of OAJ Quartets conserts in the mid 60's here.

My blue heaven.mp3
Blue Ocean echo.mp3

OAJ band early 70'

In the early 70s OAJ Band was: Odd-Arne Guitar, Bjørn A. Andreassen El.Bass, Alfred Conradsen ten sax/clarinett, Arnulf Brochs altosax/piano, Kent Wickbjer Drums and Tor Brochs percussion.
Here's Odd-Arne and his band in some exciting moments in NRK Studio in Tromsø

1.OAJ Band with Lyrikk of Sigbjørn Obstfelder-Voice John Ytteborg. Musikk OAJ
2.Kari( OAJ)
3.Nimbus Opus 1(OAJ) Voice Sissel Berg. Drums:Tore Rønne. Lyrics:Bjørn Adrian Andreassen
4.Nimbus opus to (OAJ) Drums – Knut Halvard Johannessen. Oboe: Jens Stoltenberg.(Not the prime minister)
5.Playing (OAJ)
6.Sunny (Bobby Hebb)
7.One For Juan(A.Ibarra)
8.I fall in love to easily(J.Styne/S.Cahn)
9.Inntrykk (OAJ)
10.A Rainy day in tromsø(OAJ)
11.Nimbus Opus 3(OAJ)
12.Miles Away(OAJ)

Odd-Arnes second guitar
Odd-Arnes second guitar was a Gibson Les Paul De luxe Gold Top from 1969/1970.

Here's some sound samples from the early 70s. This is OAJ Quartet feautering John Ytterborg who reads poems by Sigbjørn Obstfelder - a visionarian poet in europe.

Here's a studio production from NRK's studio in Tromsø where OAJ's band improvised to poems by Sigbjørn Obstfelder. The combination with Edvard Munch-Sigbjørn Obstfelder was very naturally. Both wrote and painted about life,death and wondering. Odd-Arne has strong artistic bounds to Edvard Munch-Gustav Vigeland and Sigbjørn Obstfelder.
Drawing of Obstfelder, made by Edvard Munch.

Invitation Munch Museum

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